Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Posted by Tim

There have been many calls for Byrnes to defrock Apuron or to at least get rid of his name from the Eucharistic prayer. Believe me, if there is anyone on this island who wants both of those things it is ME! 

However, we must keep our heads on. Archbishop Byrnes does NOT have the authority to do either. Only the pope can do that. This is why it is critical to keep up the public protests. That's what gets into the press, and that's what Rome and Pope Francis sees.

I knew from the outset that the only thing that would motivate Rome would be public shame. If there is anything that moves those guys, even more than money, it's the embarrassment of a public scandal. They want that stuff to go away immediately and they have a long history of making that happen. 

This why on his very first Sunday after being installed as the temporary Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Hon Tai Fai, excitedly took to the pulpit and told the congregation in the Cathedral that the protestors in front of the Cathedral would be "gone in two weeks." Hon said that because those were his orders from Filoni Baloney

Filoni (Kiko's pope) knew that if the public protests continued, it would soon catch the attention of the pope, and the pope would soon start snooping around in an effort to get it off the media radar. Filoni Baloney knew that if Franics started sniffing, it would be hard to miss the stench of The Stinking Monk and the whole pile of rotting Kiko-excrement piling up in Filoni Baloney's office. 

And then it wouldn't be long before one thing would lead to another and the black trash bag financed Kiko-Filoni-underground railroad for priest-perverts and renegade presbyters would be uncovered and exposed. 

(Speaking of which, March 17, this Friday, and the feastday of St. Patrick who is supposedly the "patron" of the local RMS, is the two-year anniversary of the arrest of Lickin' Louie at Apaka Beach in Agat. I was thinking of doing a car rally down to the beach where we would all park our cars and cover our windows with towels. LOL. I was even thinking of doing a re-enactment, kind of like the Magellan thing they do in Umatac, but I couldn't think of anyone who would volunteer as the actors. More LOL!)

But back to the protests. Wow. If everyone calling for Apuron's "defrockment" on this blog and demanding action from Byrnes actually demanded action from themselves and got down to the Cathedral on Sunday morning, picked up a sign, and walked for 45 minutes, we might have had this done long ago.

You want Apuron defrocked? You want to rid your Sunday morning of his offensive name in the Eucharistic prayer? Then stop with the anonymous demands on the blog and get down there on Sunday. That's how we are going to do it. 

And the whole world is watching. Never before, at least in the recent history of the church, has the laity ever succeeded in getting a bad bishop defrocked. Nobody thinks we can do this. Well we can. Be a part of history. We are so near the finish line. Grab a sign, hold it high! APURON OUT! APURON OUT! APURON OUT!

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