Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Perhaps Archbishop Byrnes doesn't know this, but the reason he's even here (on Guam and not in Michigan) is because of what happened on that fateful January morning on KOLG in 2006. 

On a call-in talk show hosted by Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Fred Rodriguez, Archbishop Apuron, uninvited and unannounced, barged in and took over the show. 

The topic had turned to a discussion about the Neocatechumenal Way and the recently released directive from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments (CDW) requiring the NCW to conform its liturgy, particularly its communion rite, to what was prescribed by the liturgical books. 

Apuron (who normally only listened to KOLG to hear himself sing) apparently overheard the discussion and ran to the NCW's rescue. His "rescue" took the form of an angry conversation with at least one particular caller and his publicly taking sides AGAINST the CDW and with the NCW. 

In the course of this radio bombshell, Apuron managed to disparage the credentials of the then-prefect of the CDW, Cardinal Arinze, and made it quite clear - by his many references to "we" and "us" when speaking of the NCW, whose side he was on and it wasn't ours. 

Audio of the show here. Transcript here.

The next day I was called to a meeting by KOLG manager, Deacon Frank Tenorio, and asked, in the presence of Apuron, to lie for him in order to cover for why the show would not be rebroadcast as it normally was. 

I would say that it was this moment, this being asked to lie for Apuron in his presence, that I called to mind seven years later when I was called up by a friend and asked to read the letter in which Apuron demanded the resignation of Fr. Paul or "face a more painful and arduous closure to your assignment." 

For others though, many others, the war against Apuron started on that morning on KOLG in January 2006 when Apuron publicly, blatantly, and even brutally, ridiculed the authentic teaching magisterium of the Universal Church (the CDW), and mocked and debased callers who called into question the practices of the NCW.

Everything we are seeing now, right down to the latest law suit, is simply fallout from that disastrous moment. And at the center of that moment was the order from the CDW to the NCW to conform its liturgical practices to that which was prescribed by the liturgical books. 

In fact, that order (given on December 1, 2005) was not that much different than the order delivered by the Rector of the Agana Cathedral on February 14, 2017, with the only difference being that if there was such an exception to the liturgical books permitted (an indult) that it be in writing and on the Rector's desk before this past Ash Wednesday.

If what The Diana has reported is true about Atienza's meeting with Byrnes, then Byrnes has done EXACTLY what Apuron did on that January 2006 morning on KOLG, he has sided with the NCW against the norms, NOT of Fr. Paul, but of the Universal Church. 

And if he has done this, then he has split our local Church beyond repair - at least under his regime. And if he has NOT done this, then he MUST immediately repudiate what has been reported, and MUST put full episcopal force behind the norms demanded by the Rector of his Cathedral. 

We wait. 

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