Monday, April 3, 2017


Apparently there was another neo-shindig this weekend, and, according to reports, "Fr." Krzysztof Szafarski, "pastor" of Santa Rita parish, chose his neo-shindig over his pastoral duties of providing Sunday Mass at his Santa Rita parish. In other words, HE DIDN'T SHOW UP. 

Parishioners were left to their own devices so they did the readings and someone distributed communion. 

I understand that Krzysztof's absence is part of larger neocat plot to pull back their (fake) priests and let more instances happen like what happened at Santa Rita so we will supposedly know how much we need them. LOL. 

We are not surprised by the behavior of the Kiko's. Remember, THEY ARE NOT CATHOLIC so why should they feel any responsibility to real Catholics? They don't. Our churches and our money were only useful to them while they had Apuron by the #$%^&, but now that that's gone, and their property too, they have no use for us. 

Additionally, their pulling back is to meant to teach Byrnes a lesson. How dare he actually exert his authentic magisterial authority over their sect! 

But now comes the real test. And once again (as with the Guadalupe statute) the Catholics of Santa Rita are at the forefront of this ugly war and they can choose to lead or acquiesce to this evil. 

First, unless you were severely impaired, physically or otherwise, from driving to another parish for a legitimate Mass, objectively, if you did not "hear Mass" this Sunday, you did not fulfill your Sunday obligation. But given the severe lack of any real teaching in this diocese for decades, it is probable that the majority of Santa Ritans did not know this or were partially impaired by the confusion. 

Nevertheless, if you were in fact capable of going to a real Mass and chose not to, I would still confess it to a "real" priest and let him decide, or at least absolve you just in case. Missing Sunday Mass is still a MORTAL SIN, even though you probably haven't heard that in a while. 

As for next Sunday, if it happens again, there will be no excuse. 

For two years, we have been warning that this war may bring us to the point where parishes collapse, and as real Catholics who only care about our eternal destiny with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that we should be willing to attend Mass celebrated on the tail gate of a pickup truck in an abandoned field if it came to that. 

Fortunately, for most, except for the very few who are truly incapacitated, a real Mass celebrated by a real priest, is only a few miles away. 

Meanwhile, let us let Archbishop Byrnes take care of these impostor presbyters while we take care of our souls and the souls of our children. 

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