Monday, May 15, 2017

GUAM DAILY POST: Guam Catholic school sued

"The civil complaint accuses the archdiocese and St. Anthony of causing parents or guardians to entrust their children to Catholic school teachers and specifically to Caluag, resulting in B.W.J. participating in out-of-school activities with Caluag and spending one or more nights at the teacher's home." FULL STORY HERE

I myself have had SERIOUS hesitations about some of the faculty some Catholic schools embrace, which is why I have chosen NOT to send my kids to one (except for a brief experiment with St. Thomas Aquinas). 

I have no doubt that the accusers account is true and I hope he finds justice. I also hope that Catholic schools stop flirting with disaster with their peculiar hiring practices. (I'll leave the details of that for later.) 

Meanwhile, though, more parents (and guardians) need to STOP believing that the word "Catholic" in front of the name of a school is a guarantee of anything, including actual Catholic instruction. 

Sadly, I believe this accusation is just the beginning of an avalanche of accusations agains Catholic schools, a perfect place for predators. 

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