Monday, May 15, 2017


SNAP: Not optimistic about Apuron canonical trial

SNAP's narrative is that you people on Guam are too stupid to do this yourself so you need us. And beyond that, SNAP and the attorneys they feed NEED us to fail. Because should we succeed, should we actually get Apuron thrown out of town, should we actually restore our church all on our own, should we actually get justice for the victims of child sex abuse, we will have shown the rest of the world that they can do it too and they don't need groups like SNAP and their "superlawyer" friends. 

WE are going to clean up our church and we don't need SNAP's slimy hands on it:

Louisiana state medical board documents shed light on Covington psychiatrist's guilty plea in child porn case ("He also collaborated with the Louisiana chapter of the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests, or SNAP. His wife, Lyn Taylor, is the group's founder.")


  1. Agreed that SNAP is useless to Guam at this point in time. Like everyone else, they have no influence whatsoever over canonical proceedings against Apuron. His victims continue to provide all of the necessary information.

    That being said, even a broken clock is right twice a day. US abuse coverups would not have been exposed as easily without SNAP. Its founding members are clergy abuse victims who received major settlements. They and their Superlawyers know where all of the metaphoric bodies are buried and their research is essentially bulletproof.

    1. Read some of the links. Their research is not only NOT bulletproof, it's full of holes. They had a prime opportunity to do something here early on. I even wondered why they didn't show up when we had Apuron back on his heels. Suddenly, we pass this law permitting victims to sue the archdiocese for millions and it's "call me, I'd love to help." LOL.

    2. IF Apuron is defrocked and if his victims receive $3 billion in settlements, you'll have room to talk. Until then, you don't. You could have contacted SNAP long ago if you wanted their help.

      And what did you contribute to the massive pedophile database at Probably nothing. SNAP and a lot of other people compiled that valuable resource.

    3. Another shithead. SNAP’s help? LOL. And for your little website, go there and type in Guam, EVERY story from 2014 on is my doing. What pathetic little anonymous fools I let play here. SMH.