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Semper procedendum sine timore
Posted by Bob
I'm recycling this post because it's as relevant today as it was then. We have accomplished almost all that we set out to do.  We did it one foot at a time with our Sunday pickets. 

By now apuron's case may be in the hands of  those in Rome who will finally determine his and our fate. Please come out and join us for our 49th picket. 

Image result for cardinals and bishopsImage result for yogi berraIt's number three on Yogi's all time top fifty, "It ain’t over till it’s over." For the faithful, truer words were never spoken. We're told that
apuron's trial progresses in Rome. The tribunal is composed of cardinals and bishops. We can't observe much less testify. The objectivity of the tribunal is questionable. Our view of "Rome" is AB Hon (remember the first six weeks?) and Cardinal Filoni who took a personal role in locking the ladies out of the seminary. What should we do? Let's reflect on Tim's post on November 5 on another Yogi post entitled, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Image result for if you come to a fork in the road take itTim said,"But for this blog and eventually the public demonstrations, Apuron would still be here, Adrian would be in line to be the next bishop, no secretly recorded document giving the Yona property away would have been discovered, RMS priests would have been well on their way to taking over and destroying every parish, Roy, Walter, and Roland and who knows how many more sex abuse victims would still be suffering in silence with no hope of justice, and the Archdiocese of Agana would have collapsed into Neo rule with Pius triumphant. 

"There is a reason AB Byrnes is on his way to Guam, and it sure as hell isn't for a vacation. It is ABSOLUTELY because of what we exposed and hammered on over and over and over for three solid years. 

"We almost lost everything when Hon arrived, thinking that Rome really knew what it was doing. If nothing else, my expose of Bishop Arrieta should show that it sure as hell doesn't...or maybe it does. Maybe Kiko has made more inroads than we thought. 

"That said, I will "trust" AB Byrnes to do the right thing. I will "trust" but VERIFY. We can let AB Byrnes do his job without backing down. The picket MUST continue as will this blog....with all the world watching!"

Image result for bishop byrnesThirty years of apuron severely damaged the credibility of the archdiocese. It will take years to restore that credibility. As usual, apuron's selfishness makes that task more difficult than it should be, by his fiercely hanging onto the naked title of Archbishop of Agana. The fear of apuron's return colors everything we and AB Byrnes do or attempt. 

We need to keep saying APURON OUT until he is. We need to communicate this message to Filoni and the other neocats in Rome. As Tim said, "The picket MUST continue..." It's the only way we can communicate with them. As we continue Rome becomes more familiar with Yogi's all time second:
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  1. Webster approved this motto for JungleWatch Nation:

    Semper procedendum sine timore.

    It means, "Always moving forward without fear."