Thursday, June 8, 2017

PDN: Dozens of church abuse suits to be settled out of court

Attorney David Lujan says the Catholic church would be foolish not to agree to settlements through the Hope and Healing arbitration program. Haidee V. Eugenio/PDN

The attorney representing dozens of people who have accused priests, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America of child sexual abuse on Thursday announced plans to settle their lawsuits out of court.

During a status hearing Thursday morning in the U.S. District Court of Guam in connection with the cases, attorney David Lujan told Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan that he wants to postpone further court action, pending out-of-court settlements or alternative dispute resolution.

Lujan's clients have sued in federal court, asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

The goal is to have the cases resolved by Sept. 1, Lujan stated. He said he will file documents with the court, requesting a stay on the cases, Monday or Tuesday.

Manibusan congratulated parties in the case for finding an alternative dispute resolution.

This story is developing.

My note: Don't worry Tony Boy, your cases are going to court. :)


  1. I pray for each and every victim that were abused and hope that they find some healing while moving forward. I also pray for the victim who has passed on that he can finally rest knowing that his mom and his family stood tall and fought very hard to bring "sunny's" abuser to justice and that he didn't die without some form of justice. God bless them all and their families for not holding onto their abused childhood and finding the strength to come out and expose the crimes within the diocese and the cover up which this institution had been doing.

  2. I like that Tony's baloney is still going to court! March to DEFROCK!

    si ka du ka

  3. KICKBACKS FOR SUING THE CHURCH????????? what about those donations Tim

    1. Yes. What about them. Click the DONATE button and pay me something for providing you something to do with your waste of a life. LOL. Made you come back again!!!

  4. Nearly all of the $3 billion in US Mainland abuse settlements were paid out of Court because the Church couldn't escape documented charges.

    1. The charges in all cases are documented. It is up to the plaintiffs and their attorneys as to how they want to proceed.


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