Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Yesterday, Archbishop Byrnes announced:

"...we are, we’re actually in process of selling one set of the assets right now. It’s in process so I really can’t elaborate further on that ... we gotta wait for the process to finish."

Just an FYI, the former Carmelite Convent in Tamuning is NOT owned by the Archdiocese of Agana and is NOT an asset of the Archdiocese of Agana.

I'd like to think it is the Yona Property, but it's hard to imagine that a buyer has been found already for something with that big of a price tag. (And besides, I haven't got my Chinese gambling partners lined up to buy it yet! LOL.)

But hey, wouldn't it be serendipitous that the first "asset" to go is where all the evil started?


  1. I agree that it wouldn't surprise me if that RMS hotel is sold. When I see that hotel, I see how much greed the neos have and still are. Trying to suck dry the true Catholics to justify their cult. Get rid of that hotel and defrock apuron...

  2. Raise your hands up in the air everybody, and clap your hands out loud for the Diana's and gangs (the Neo's). After all, she/he/they (the Diana) has been saying all along that "Arch. Apuron is innocent until proven guilty". Lol. Diana, you took too long to smell the coffee. Catch up girl? Although, this is good that Diana finally announces the truth to the faces of her fellow Neo's. The RMS hotel could go bye-bye?
    DianaJune 6, 2017 at 5:22 PM
    Dear God is one,
    Archbishop Byrnes is not the enemy. He is doing what he can to fund the Hope and Healing Program. The first step to healing is to provide counseling to victims of sexual abuse. However, certain measures should be put in place to ensure that scammers do not take advantage of the program. The program should specifically be for victims of child abuse who suffered at the hands of the clergy.

  3. Defrock Apuron.
    Remove Adriana.
    Remove Lurch.
    Remove Remains of pedo Flores from Agana Basilica.

  4. Sell the Yona property to Coretech!! Set it up Tim!!

    1. Good idea. I'll call them now.

    2. Yeah sell the Church property right Tim?? a easily 40 million,set it up??yeah he already set it up with his Chinese partner <: a real catholic man,I meant coward ,"!"

    3. LOL. You idiots have no idea how good you make me feel. According to your version I've been able to fool hundreds of people including the Pope, the Legislature and the Governor, everyone in the media, David Lujan and all the other attorneys. Wow. I never knew I had such skills. LOL. Now all I have to do is find a buyer for that property and I'll be set. Peace, shithead. LOL.

  5. RMS is the only big ticket property in the archdiocese, so that's probably it.

    Hopefully, the hotel will be sold for a fortune. That would force the NCW to move their coven elsewhere. It's unlikely that Bp. Byrnes would let them officially regroup anywhere else on Guam.

  6. In the words of SARC lapdog Dakon Larry Claros "for sure, for sure!"