Monday, July 10, 2017


Today's Post headline reads: "Protesters end picket, place trust in Vatican." 

It's an unfortunate headline and completely misses the real reason for our ending the picket. Based on the interviews in the story and based on the clear statements from both myself and the CCOG, we are NOT placing any trust in the Vatican. We are placing our trust in Archbishop Byrnes, AND (and this is a big AND) ourselves!

We have shown ourselves, our Catholic community on Guam, and indeed the whole world, that we will NEVER sit down and shut up again when we see evil in our Church. Apuron will NEVER return as Archbishop of Agana, not because of any decision the Vatican may make, but because we will NEVER allow it. 

Those people did not walk for 54 weeks straight because they wanted exercise. Those people KNEW something. They just didn't know that others knew it too until a few brave women decided to come together and make a public statement that would not go away. 


  1. It is now very clear that Archbishop Byrnes is truly one of us. He has my full support, and I accept him as the Shepherd for Guam's Catholics.
    Biba Archbishop Byrnes! Biba Katoliku!!

  2. No one in their right mind would trust the neo-Marxist Vatican. It's no longer Catholic.