Sunday, July 9, 2017



  1. Pretty strong yet needed words for the faithful to hear. It's funny how the Diana kept saying for jungle folks to write to Rome and many have. Now she says that the jungle are just a few but were loud. Lol. It's funny though that now that tables are turning upside down, Diana is judge mental with archbishop Byrnes. What a hypocrit she is.

  2. Attended Mass at Our Lady Of Lourdes Church tonight, where Edwin Bushu, NCW Prebyter presided. in his Homily, he detracted from the message of the Gospel to defend Apuron and sounded the NCW Battle Cry "Stop Judging". In his homily He emphasize the fact that the news media, and others are quick to judge his AB Apuron, and shouted several times "Stop Judging". Well Edwin, perhaps we can remind you that Pope Francis removed the faculties of Apuron, and placed AB Byrnes as Co-Adjutor AB, the Vatican is holding a canonical trial for Apuron for doing such a good job managing the Archdiocese, AB Hon using leagal means returned the yona property that Apuron and his cronies have given away back to the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana. No even considering the sex abuse charges against him, I have to say that it is not the press or people who are judging, but Pope Francis and the Vatican. In fact It is entirely Apuron's fruits, those that he has done or failed to do that are judging his person. But we expected you NEO clowns to turn your heads against the ill actions of one of your own, especially bro tony. Perhaps you need to be reminded that our Lord told us to judge the tree from the fruits it produces, and we have judges that Apuron, along with the NCW has produced rotten fruits.