Wednesday, August 23, 2017


"No one can get me" is Apuron's "MO" (mode of operation). For thirty years and more, he made sure of that. He knew that manipulating his way into the episcopal office was the best way to control both his past and his future. And he knew that allying himself with a rich and powerful organization like the international syndicate which lies behind the facade of "an itinerary of faith formation," was insurance. 

And now he's counting NOT ON HIS INNOCENCE, but on killing the law which holds him accountable. 

There's nothing new here when it comes to Anthony S. (Slippery) Apuron. But I can tell you this. If I was falsely accused of something, especially of acts as heinous as the ones Apuron is accused of, I would be demanding my day in court. I would be demanding to face my accusers. But no. Apuron is demanding that the law be declared unconstitutional. And we all know why. 

Apuron: Law did not remove time bar for suits

'HARDSHIP AND OPPRESSION': Suspended Archbishop Anthony Apuron contends the District Court of Guam must dismiss the lawsuits filed against him and the Archdiocese of Agana because the victims' claims are time-barred and Public Law 33-187 is "inorganic and unconstitutional." Post file photo. 


  1. If Apuron returns to Guam, he'll need eyes in the back of his ugly head because someone with nothing to lose will clean his clock.

  2. Archbishop Apuron. You are nowhere to be found. Though if in case you haven't heard about North Korea threatening your flock and our island of Guam, do not worry? We the people (alone without you) have handle this situation and have placed the nightmare behind us. Salute, yan Si Yu贸s Ma谩se para si Yu贸s yan si Santa Maria, for they have always been present with us never abandoning us!!!

  3. The KAKA filled Dungbat claims on her latest blog that it is a waste of time and taxpayers money to have a trial when the witnesses are dead 馃拃.

    DianaAugust 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 10:14 and 11:22 am,

    He is already going through court just as he said back in May 13, 2016. He requested for a canonical trial to clear his name.

    All you have is word against word. There is no substantial evidence. Even the witnesses are dead. Two accusers say they confided in Father Jack. Father Jack is dead, and there was no written report from Father Jack. One accuser claimed he saw Apuron in a sexual act with Father Antonio Cruz and an altar boy. Both Father Antonio and the altar boy are dead. Another accuser said her dying son confided in her that Apuron molested him. Her son is dead and no one else was in the room to hear the confession, not even a nurse or doctor. So, word against word.

    Furthermore, the media and the jungle already branded him guilty BEFORE the trial even started. One then has to wonder why the jungle puts in such great effort in trying to convince the Vatican in defrocking him without due process If a trial. If they truly believe in his guilt, why not allow the trial to take place? Why put so much effort in taking away his "Due process" of trial?

    This us why it is important to have a statutes of limitations. Having this kind of trial is a waste of time and taxpayers'money.

    1. Tell the Dungbat to show me where I opposed the Vatican trial. I'm the one who has been fighting out with SNAP which has been trying its damn-dest to discredit and derail the process. I'm the one saying that it's the Vatican trial which is the only hope of removing Apuron since the civil process cannot.

      I see where the Dungbat is no longer arguing Apuron's innocence, only that the witnesses are dead. LOL. Like there were ever witnesses in the first place. I'm sure Tony boy made sure they're weren't. However, there are corresponding testimonies. And that's what you use when you don't have a witness. LOL. A witness. Stupid!

  4. Ai Diana adai. The mess is not only the sex scandal that Archbishop Apuron got himself into.

    1. It's proven in our Churches that Archbishop Apuron favorites the Neo's.

    2. He caters more to his boboy's the RMS seminarians from other parts of the country placing our local seminarian on the back burner, ripe but waiting and waiting to attend a proper schooling in the mainland.

    3. Listen to Archbishop Apuron's video during The Sacred Holy Mass. He invited a neo woman to give her testimony "On how to become a better Christian". What about Me as a Traditional am I not good for him and his neo's?

    4. Three guess from the Vatican arrives on island. They greet the people as they make their way in the FRONT DOOR. Archbishop Apuron caught twice on photo quietly, hiding, exiting the BACK DOOR. What Bishop does this!

    5. Listen to Arch. Apurons (video) during The Sacrifice of The Holy Mass calling up to altar a neo woman to share her testimony "On how to become a better Christian'. How dare he? What about ME a Traditional follower am I not good for him and his neo's?

    A man who " No one can get me?" Ok, I leave him alone? You can have him. That line doesn't come from heaven.

  5. If Apuron's fat ass was really in a sling, he wouldn't be taking potshots at his accusers from places unknown. He's obviously confident about being exonerated by the canonical tribunal. I'm afraid he's right.