Thursday, August 3, 2017


First, I don't need to. There is an army of people who send me stuff from the hermaphrodite Diana they think I might find useful. (Actually, none of it is useful, but it sure is funny.) And second, from the few times I have unfortunately landed on the idiot's page, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! 


From the bits of garbage I receive from that trash heap of a blog, it's quite obvious that if I spent much time there I might get a big head. Wow. According to them I am such a damn good writer that I have fooled everyone from the picketers to Pope Francis himself. 


Courage :)


  1. Dear Catholics and neos. One simple question. I truly think we should ask ourselves. But I'm nobody so just an opinion. Should we be people of unity in Christ. Yes we should. Should Catholics leave their 2000 year old church formed by Christ and join neos. Of course not. But neos, should you think long and hard about what your objective is? Should you leave the neos and unify yourself to Christ's church ? I think probably. As the division being caused can not be good. Are you being used as pawns in kikos assault on power? Are you blindly following ? Are you under some form of trance ? But humans are a fallen race. We are weak. I'm not blaming you, because if it wasn't the neos causing trouble in the church it would be something else. But think logically !!! Church 2000+ years formed by Christ or kiko turning up 40 odd years ago as a saviour. THINK THINK. In fact PRAY.. as God to guide you, guide you out of the neos hopefully. Not one member of the church would think anything. Other than applaud your bravery to leave what seems a shocking cult. Courage. Yes their saying.. have courage to make a decision for yourself. PRAY and speak to your bishop fir help if needed. Rant over ... :( Just such sad times. Wish we could all unite

  2. Dear anon at 9.45am. Very nice and good intentions. Just want to remind you of the adage: "it takes two to tango"
    There lies the major obstacle


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