Friday, August 4, 2017



  1. Tasy Tom is full of $h!+ and should be ashame for his hurtful remarks. I am a survivor and yes I confronted my abuser who is the same priest reported by PDN today. We made peace and this incident did not stop me from enriching my faith. I am not a litigant and don't wish to be one. My only hope is that everyone's claim should be heard and that healing be given. I have my reservations on some of the claims but will pray for both parties for healing.

  2. It's a shame that tasy tom has no clue about GUAM or its cultural history and yet makes comment which WAS the very reason why victims never could come straight out to speak and chose to hide that their innocence was taken away from them. Fear of being punished had made its impact on these children who were abused.

  3. Its another case of remote analysis from a person who knows little of what has transpired. Wish they would find out all the facts first before commenting. Tasy Tom you are such a bonehead.

    1. Actually most of The Diana's live here and that's their tune too.