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Poor Diana. So stupid. The "archdiocese" NEVER stated to the press why the four were fired. The only mention of the cause for their termination came from the PDN reporter who quoted Byrne's letter to one of the priests. No one at the chancery has said anything to the press other than to confirm that the four were terminated. So it is impossible to "backtrack" something that was never said. But then we are very used to STUPID from these tiny turds.

Tony Diaz, director of communications for the Archdiocese of Agana, confirmed on Wednesday that the archbishop removed the four from his Presbyteral Council in July.

"They are no longer on the Presbyteral Council," he said.

Diaz said the archdiocese could not comment on the specific reasons for the revocation of their appointments.

The Archdiocese of Agana confirms that four priests assigned to the Archdiocese of Agana Presbyteral Council were removed by Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes in July.

Rev. Rudy Arejola, Monsignor David C. Quitugua, Rev. Jose Alberto Rodriguez-Salamanca and Rev. Julio Cesar Sanchez were removed from the council as a disciplinary measure, but the archdiocese isn't providing additional details.

Archdiocese Director of Communications Tony Diaz would not confirm that the four were terminated due to insubordination for writing a letter about issues concerning the Archdiocese of Agana directly to the Vatican.

"Learning from the past, the archdiocese strives not to comment about disciplinary matters," Diaz said.


  1. These Diana's are really stupid. They keep fishing so they can try to save themselves. All those fired idiots should've been fired a long ass time ago. The Diana's say that archbishop Byrnes is not easily accessible yet they should look at their brother tony who hid behind so many idiots and never once opened his doors to anyone but his monkey nation.

    1. Seems Kimchee just walked right into the inner chambers. Envelope in hand. Sagee, sagee.

    2. Anon 8/29 @3:33 pm, the Dianas aren't as stupid as you think they are. They've succeeded in getting a lot of people's knickers in a twist with their systematic lies and propaganda. Mob mentality idiots with no critical thinking skills are their captive audience and Neocat prospects as well. That covers a large segment of Guam's Catholic population.

      A native Guamanian parishoner at my church says the only respectable priests on Guam are the elderly Capuchins. Now in his 50's, he lived on the island and attended Catholic schools there until moving to the US for college. He only returns to Guam for infrequent funerals in his immediate family and leaves there as soon as decently possible. His father went to school with Apuron and the man's entire family despises him.

    3. Ummm, Apuron is an "elderly Capuchin."

  2. As always when she sees a turd Diana will endup telling you it is chocolate brownies.
    I guess one more time, she walked right into it.
    Poor Mae!!! Having hung around the putrid for so long, she lost her olfactive capacities.....among so many others!!!! Pewh!!!

    1. Poor old maid Mae, and Ric, too. Hey, you guys, your livers in a quivers?

    2. Fresh new school year. Classes started up at RMS?

    3. Why doesn't the archdiocese turn off the power and water at the RMS? The Neos would leave in droves, effortlessly. No eviction notice necessary.

    4. Agnes, that can't be done until a properly served eviction notice has legally run its course, with occupants and their belongings removed from the premises. If they won't leave voluntarily, sheriff's deputies or US Marshals can get rid of them.

      You're proposing huge health and safety hazards at RMS which would get the archdiocese sued off the map if anyone there was injured or sickened due to lack of power and fresh water.

      Also, does the archdiocese actually own 100% of RMS? If not, they can't do anything with the place.

    5. Poor Bro Ton used to complain about the power bill at RMS. Said he couldn't get the 'seminarians' to stop using the elevator. ­čśé. Such good rigorous training for the 'missionaries'. What a joke.

    6. Yes, the archdiocese (aka Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole, Michael J. Byrnes, Incumbent) OWNS 100% of the subject property.

      However, I do not believe there is any sort of "tenant - landlord" arrangement with the parties. As we know, the property was given to RMS, Inc by Apuron in 2011. RMS, Inc was then autonomous from the Archdiocese of Agana.

      However, since the "hostile takeover" by Hon (docs signed by Byrnes) the subject property is back in the full control of the Archbishop of Agana. The occupants who were brought here by Apuron or by those who ran RMS, have to be cared for until they can officially be relocated or dismissed. However, not so, for the squatters, the other occupants who are here without documented official business. Saying you're a missionary doesn't cut it.

    7. The KAKA filled NEO Cult Zombies are again showing their true colors at the Dungbats latest blog. They are using that ill fated social media to tell everyone that the Red Pope controls the NEO Cult Presbyter Factory in Yona and ArchNEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan aspirin is still in control of the Catholics on Guam. LMAO ­čśé ­čśé

      AnonymousAugust 31, 2017 at 7:57 PM

      Excuse me. RMS cannot be sold off without the approval of the Congregation for Evangelization/curia.
      Archbishop of Agana requires consent of curia to sell/close down.
      Wishes of Cardinal Filoni/curia important. Archbishop Anthony is Archbishop of Agana.


    8. http://www.junglewatch.info/2017/09/filoni-is-not-holy-see-you-see.html

  3. Every time Diana opens her mouth, in goes her foot.

  4. So Diana says to another Neo, "Looks like dog poop, feels like dog poop, taste like dog poop, must be dog poop. Lucky we didn't step on it!!"

    1. Then the other neo goes, "what are we waiting for? I'm hungry. Let's dig in!" But the Di cautions, "let us hold off for a bit. We need to wait for Fr. Pus to approve, brother Tony might be somewhere in there."

  5. These neos are really funny. So they are saying that brother priests should stand together whether they are right or wrong or if they commit a sexual crime that they should hide behind their fellow brothers? Just because they wear a holy cross or wear a white collet doesn't mean they are not human and shouldn't be held accountable for ANY mismanagement or crimes they commit. Look at brother Luis camacho, he was whisked away not long after being caught by the police with a young girl at a beach. So are we to believe that he took the young girl out of school without her parents permission just to watch a morning sunrise?

    Seriously, are priests so divine that those walking in the way shouldn't be held accountable? The jungle has provided many documents while the neos have just danced and sang just to get attention.

    Just like when you neos do a public confession during mass and even talk about sex or their sexual thoughts in the mass because brother tony needs more neorecruits to join the way. We don't need to hear your neodrama because none of us are perfect. But our sins are between us and our Lord and not for the rest of the world to hear and naturally talk about us. That's just the human nature side when people gossip.

    When will any neo take responsibility for their fault in creating such a huge division within the Catholic Church? Rather than shouting that you neos are being persecuted, why not stand up for any victim of sexual abuse? It's already been proven that there have been MANY priests who have used the cloth to hide their pedophile actions and yet you neos continue to find excuses to protect these individuals.

    These neos are really stupid because they listen to their handlers and their interpretation of how the Lord sees us. It's as if they have a direct line to our Lord Jesus Christ and know we can't be saved unless we worship their kiko and give our hard earned money to fund their fellow brothers. Just imagine that Guam got suckered by brother tony into paying for their kikobot priest assembly line and have pumped out neopriests at such a fast rate that they've already infiltrated the Catholic Church in many countries not just Guam. Yet Guam has been standing up and questioning this scam. It's sad that even the neos have Cardinal backing who is willing to interfere with a diocese that is not under him. But I guess Cardinal filoni must be getting his share of the kiko scam since he's too afraid to come to guam and actually face this island. It's his soul and it seems like he's sold his soul to the devil but who am I to judge when we all have to face our maker one day. I just hope and pray that all these neos don't think they can just dance and sing and bullshit their way in to the gates of heaven. Peace out ✌­čĆ╝️

  6. "Speak for yourself" was the title to one of Diana's post on her blog. hmmm she preaches though lacks in practice. Strong words you've choisen here diana.
    DianaAugust 21, 2017 at 9:21 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:11 and 8:33 am,

    Filipino priests are being discriminated by the jungle due to their race. Also, women in Guam are now being labeled as "prostitutes" of the worse kind by Tim Rohr.

  7. Wherever they're found, Filipino priests discriminate anyone who isn't Filipino and Guam is notorious for prostitution. Tim didn't say anything wrong.


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