Monday, September 4, 2017


Every year at the beginning of the month of September, I silently pray for the souls of the victims of one of the worst bloodletting of the French Revolution, known as the Massacres of September 1792
Three years after the initial steps of the French Revolution, the country had fallen in a state of terror.
After the take over of the Tuileries Castle, where the Royal Family had been forced to leave by the Constitutional Assembly, in an awful and violent attack on August 10th, which saw the massacre of the King's Swiss Guard by a rabid mob high on alcohol; the Monarchy was abolished, and a large number of Nobles and of Clergy were detained in hastily made prisons around Paris. Many, former seminaries and cloisters.

The Revolutionary government in a state of panic, due to the successful breech by Prussian and Austrian troops of the French borders, started to spread rumors of an inside plot by the royalists and the clergy to plans of an uprising inside France. This was total malarkey, but it fueled the anger of the revolutionary committees within Paris, who decided to go and empty the prisons of the "plotters".

What ensued, would remain one of the most gory and disgusting event of the French Revolution.
Innocent people who had been arrested on false charges for the most part were yanked out of their cells by drunken mobs and slaughtered in the most gruesome ways.

Among the 3000 or so victims, were many members of the Clergy, including three Archbishops. On October 17 1926, Pope Pius XI recognized 191 victims of these massacres as Blessed Martyrs. Last year Pope Francis elevated one of these Martyrs: Salomon Leclerq ( a Christian Brother) to be canonized.

Why should we care, here on Guam about something that happened when the USA was still in its infancy, and this island still under Spanish control ? How is this relevant of our current struggle?

Yesterday's readings during the Sunday's Mass was about Jeremiah questioning the reasons God chose him to bring forth the word of the Lord, and a follow up on St Matthew, from the previous week, where Jesus chose Peter to be the rock on which he would build his Church.
This Sunday we saw Jesus taking his Apostles, specially Peter, a peg down and giving them a dress down: "Get behind me Satan! You are an obstacle to me. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do".

Fr Paul in his homily at the Cathedral, did a good job highlighting the challenge Jesus gives us here.
Are we not "obstacles"? How do WE, not become an impediment to the work of God?

This was a strong reflection on what we face in our daily lives, specially for me, to face a life long question, regarding my willingness and strength to follow in Jesus steps.

This is where this self reflection coalesce with my previous prayers for the souls of the Martyrs of September 1792.

While we might not be called to become martyrs for our Church, we are certainly called to follow in Jesus footsteps, in how we live our lives on a day to day.

In this picture, we see some of the people who have hijacked our Church, thanks to the perversion of AA. We have been the actual targets of a proto protestant/masonic sect. For years the true Catholics of this island have been mocked, denigrated and YES: persecuted by these parasites. The main problem being, that because of their devious and under the radar practices, many were not aware of that situation. Some are still clueless, but their numbers are dwindling . Of course they are not  as violent as the masons of the French Revolution, but their level of dangerosity is none the less very real.

At first a few brave souls fought against overwhelming odds, but their courage, their faith and their devotion have moved mountains. They have set the example for us to follow.
If we want to rebuild:
* we must also cleanse our Church from this scourge.
* we must support our Priests
* we must separate the weeds from the wheat
* we must be kind to each other
* we must strengthen our families
* we must strengthen our parishes
* we must refuse to be obstacles

He is our example, and our guide.

Not this pompous ass, who looks strikingly like this one:


  1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 5, 2017 at 5:45 AM

    Thank you, Frenchie, for another insightful writing and to Fr. Paul for a provocative self-examination question, “Are we not "obstacles"? How do WE, not become impediments to the work of God?” To put this specifically to the local Church’s problems over which JungleWatch has worked to bring about and help improve, in doing nothing, how have you been an impediment, an obstacle to the works of the local Church? It is worth considering that in doing nothing and in keeping silent, the local Faithful can also become an obstacle to the work of God. It’s not only the loudmouths that hold the exclusive rights to being impediments. Each member of the Faithful, in his/her own way, holds the potential to not become an obstacle of the work of God in the Archdiocese of Agaña. As Fr. Paul encouraged his congregation to do, you have to figure out and take action on how that potential can manifest in you.

    Another perspective to yesterday’s Sunday gospel (Mt 16:21-27) is in the second paragraph of that scripture reading --- The Cross: "Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” To us Catholics, the cross is synonymous to suffering. If you’re like me, you fear even just the thought of suffering, much less the actual state of suffering. Even Peter feared “the cross” for Jesus. Peter’s immediate reaction to Jesus’ prophecy of his passion and death [“God forbid, Lord! No such thing shall ever happen to you”] reflects the horror with which crucifixion was regarded in Jesus’ day. Peter had to learn that God’s way is not always our way, that in Jesus’ case (and sometimes in our case too) the way of the cross is God’s way and that the cross can be an image of identity and hope. Jesus didn’t fear it because He knew that his suffering was part of the work of God. This is why he rebuked Peter for Peter’s well-intended desire to protect Jesus from suffering and death. While the cross is a symbol of Jesus’ suffering and death, it is also a pre-curser to the Resurrection and victory over sin and death. With Jesus’ embrace of the cross, God accomplished His plan for our redemption, but the effects of that victory have yet to be fully realized. So while the ultimate outcome has been assured we continue with the struggle between life and death, good and evil. We see this play out in our personal lives and even in the life of the local Church. The local Church and its Faithful are collectively living the cross and these are just some of how so: (1) thirty years of Abp. Apuron and all the administrative mess and spiritual malnourishment that period brought; (2) the present surfacing of decades of child sexual abuse by clergy in the archdiocese and the suffering it brings to the survivors, victims, their loved ones and to the Faithful whose hearts ache with them in these personal crosses; (3) the financial challenges to maintain the local Church [yes, for the Church-on-earth, it takes money to keep it going and that’s just the reality]; and (4) the rotten fruit of division, fake presbyters and the disregard for our Catholic doctrines, beliefs and norms brought on by the NCW. These are some of the crosses presently borne by the local Church. One of the overarching messages of the gospel, the “good news,” is that of Hope. Times are tough for the archdiocese, but as the local Faithful including its leadership and clergy, continue to remain faithful to our Catholic practices, norms, traditions, and to its sacraments, my faith tells me that the works of God for the local Church includes its Resurrection --- literally and figuratively.

  2. LMAO. Frenchie telling us the seniors at the gate are perscute.

    1. Lol: have you tried google translation? You might have better results.

  3. In remembering the past, today the 5th of September is the feast of Saint Teresa of Kolkata, a remarkable woman, a symbol of love and compassion who ministered to the poorest of the poor.

    Saint Teresa of Kolkata lived a simple existence while serving Jesus; she did build monuments to herself.

    Compare this to the founder of the Neocatechumenal way who builds monuments to glorify himself, (an egomaniac with a messiah complex)

    The actions speak for themselves........

    1. Typo, second sentence should read:

      Saint Teresa of Kolkata lived a simple existence while serving Jesus; she did NOT build monuments to herself.

  4. Humanae Vitae

    To Priests
    28. And now, beloved sons, you who are priests, you who in virtue of your sacred office act as counselors and spiritual leaders both of individual men and women and of families—We turn to you filled with great confidence. For it is your principal duty—We are speaking especially to you who teach moral theology—to spell out clearly and completely the Church's teaching on marriage. In the performance of your ministry you must be the first to give an example of that sincere obedience, inward as well as outward, which is due to the magisterium of the Church. For, as you know, the pastors of the Church enjoy a special light of the Holy Spirit in teaching the truth. (39) And this, rather than the arguments they put forward, is why you are bound to such obedience. Nor will it escape you that if men's peace of soul and the unity of the Christian people are to be preserved, then it is of the utmost importance that in moral as well as in dogmatic theology all should obey the magisterium of the Church and should speak as with one voice. Therefore We make Our own the anxious words of the great Apostle Paul and with all Our heart We renew Our appeal to you: "I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment." (40)

  5. Dear Frenchie,
    Thank you for reminding us: "We must be kind to each other." Zoltan is recovering from surgery in his native Hungary. You might wish him God's blessings for a successful convalescence here or on his Facebook page. Also, does being kind to each other not also preclude referring to human beings as parasites (cf. above)?

    1. Well hello Mr Guile, it has been quite a while since you graced us by your presence.
      I am certain we can wish Mr Szekely Godspeed in his recovery.
      We missed him too. I must say, he is almost irreplaceable.
      Just for the entertainment value, there is a void in his absence.
      As far as his facebook page, I am afraid he has blocked me.

      In regards to the kindness, and at the risk to sound a little too protestant, or dare I say too charismatic.... we shall say that hating the sin, does not stop anyone to love the sinner.
      Thank you Mr Guile, and again welcome back to the Jungle.
      You always make for a good and entertaining read.

    2. The parasites referred to are itinerants and others who have been put in the know and who have adopted parasitical actions rather than acting in the human-being like way of respecting their fellows. I was on the receiving end of this for 28 years.

      If you are a "responsible", "cantor", etc you think you can put the ordinary members out there as human shields and tell us how dare we criticise them. But it is the operatives we are criticising, not the victims.

  6. Archbishop Byrnes' actions helping other bishops around the world take a stand. Check this out. A bishop in England following after Archbishop Byrnes example.

    1. Indeed anon at 9.22, this is just another example of the ripple effects of Guam having challenged the Hydra known as the NCW.

      Lets not fool ourselves, we are facing a very powerful and very devious organization who is hell bend on eating the fruit from within.
      The NCW is a newer, more insidious and dangerous than even the masons working on the inside of the Vatican.
      This is why the kikos are in full damage control mode to delay and spin the results of the Canon trial of Apuron.
      They had thought that in choosing an honest boy scout type like Byrnes, they would be able to manipulate him. They did not count on him being a true Catholic, who is appalled by what he discovers at every turn.

  7. This world we live in has turned into a lie and we know it...Vatican, what do you got to say to this. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and oops not tomorrow!? Thank you Fulton J. Sheen, pray for us!

    Light Your Lamps
    “The Church has never suited the times in which it lived, for if it suited the times it would perish with them, and not survive them. There is something always the same about the Church, and yet something very different. What is the same is “Jesus Christ yesterday, today, and forever.” What is different is the fact that it is always converting every new age, not as an old religion, but as a new religion.”
    ~ Fulton J. Sheen: Light Your Lamps – Easter, 1947 (Page 110).

  8. The KaKA filled NEO Cult Zombie from the Dungbats blog reveals the true mission of the NEO Cult half baked Presbyter factory. We all know that these NEO Cult Presbyters true allegiance is to their satanic look-alike aka Profit Kiko. More reason for the Archdiocese to finally rid itself from these serpents that lead the faithful to darkness thru their constant lies and deception.

    AnonymousSeptember 5, 2017 at 5:35 PM
    A priest is ordained for the Universial catholic church.He is accepted by the ordinary to study for the priesthood. After ordination he serves the church. It does not have to be on Guam. He can serve where the church asks him. Who has a personal call to serve in Guam? No one I know.

    1. Are you paying the tab, 5:35pm?

    2. Well actually, what the anon at 5.35 underlines is correct, at least at the theoretical level.
      Then it descend in the usual Kaka filled rationalization we have grown accustomed to.
      This leads of course to his/hers conclusion.
      Yet, archbishop Byrnes just sent 3 seminarians to St Patrick, who are planning to serve Guam. So much for that theory.
      Never forget that one of the Neos' theory is the destruction of parishes to be replaced by communities.
      This explains that.
      As Chuck as demonstrated on and on again, the whole process of the NCW is based on half truth, and distorted assumptions.
      BTW Happy birthday Chuck

  9. I pity your soul Frenchie

    1. Well! Well! I guess I should thank you anon at 10.37.
      Being pitied by such an intellectual and religious giant as yourself! Really I am blessed.