Thursday, September 28, 2017


I received several inquiries about responding to your article regarding your defense of the on-the-run-and-in-hiding Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron.

Actually, my only quibble with your piece is that it didn't begin with "Once upon a time..." In fact, you could have continued with "in a land far, far, away."

Oh, and one other small quibble: In Vatican Insider, the article appears under a section called "Inquiries and Interviews," but there is no reference to anybody "inquired of" or "interviewed" except for an anonymous canon lawyer and a couple of public records. 

But the short of it is: There really is no need for me to respond to you.

Tony already has. Here it is:
"Through his attorney, Jacqueline Terlaje, Apuron filed a motion asking the federal court to dismiss the lawsuits against him, claiming that the allegations are barred by a previous statute of limitations and that they infringe upon rights that the Organic Act of Guam guarantees."

You see, La Stampa, if the story you were handed was true, Tony would be demanding his day in court to prove everything you reported in your story, and in particular, the grand conspiracy to manufacture sex abuse victims. Instead, he is demanding that he NOT have "his day in court," and that the cases against him be DISMISSED!

Doesn't that strike you as odd, La Stampa? Finally, an opportunity to get in front of the whole world and expose this evil conspiracy against him - from the alleged collusion between a Chinese casino interest and a supposed opportunistic real estate salesman, to the alleged manufacture of 40 year old sex abuse claims - and what does Tony do?

He screams: NO, NO NO!

That should tell the whole world what we already know.

Bonus article: Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Guam - A pervert in priests' clothing?


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    1. Feel free to do so. Go ahead. Rude-ee

    2. Thank God Tim is not Arch Bishop & allegedly attracted to underaged boys!

    3. Rudeee,
      Don't let me kick that third leg of yours. Don't be too concerned about Tim, when you are not exactly a saint yourself. Get that log out of your eye before calling someone out. You are a sad excuse for a priest.

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    2. So since you don't have the courage to say who you are, then I get to say who you are, don't I.

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  4. Well, well. I work for 2 days on another project, and guess what?
    Neo trolls with their innuendo, their insults and their lies come out crawling of their sewer. Fr. Rude must not be too busy at his girlfriend's store in the Philippines, since he graces us with his usual venum.
    Looks like we have a couple of other outstanding Italian citizens who also have decided to grace us with the wonderful fruits of the NCW.
    Apparently when the masks are down, the neos' real nature shows up.
    So much for all that pontificating

  5. Replies
    1. It is very interesting psychologically speaking, to read some of the trolls from the NCW.
      There is a lot of fascination with balls, low hangers, hanging fruits, and often a reference to performing unwanted unnatural sexual acts with a person of the same sex.
      Somehow, when taken on an individual level, you could diagnose a very disturbed person, who still has a profound Oedipus complex, coupled with a fear of appearances.

      Collectively, it becomes even more disturbing, since obviously a large number of persons are profoundly influenced by speech and behavior they see on a casual level, repeatedly, and often.
      Having had the experience of the twisted phobias of Pius the putrid Maltese, one cannot be not surprised by such pathologies of his cohorts.
      Oh! the fruits!!!