Friday, September 29, 2017


During my private meeting with Archbishop Hon in January of 2015 when he was sent here as a "visitator," it was immediately clear to me that Hon had been sent to Guam with two orders: 1) shut down the dissent, and 2) save the Neocatechumenal Way. 

At Hon's meeting with the clergy a couple days later, Hon left no doubt about his script: 1) shut down the dissent, and 2) save the Neocatechumenal Way. During the meeting, one member of the clergy texted: "We're SOL." 

Upon Hon's return to Guam in June of 2016 as Apostolic Administrator, it was immediately clear that Hon had been given the same marching orders: 1) shut down dissent, 2) save the Neocatechumenal Way, and now there was a third: discredit all claims of sex abuse against Apuron. 

Number 3 was made abundantly clear when Hon addressed the diocese at St. Anthony's parish at a special meeting on June 9. He completely avoided any mention of the allegations against Apuron, which at that point were from Roy Quintanilla, Doris Concepcion, and Walter Denton. Roland Sondia would come forward the following week.

At a prayer service a few days later, as if to mock Apuron's accusers, Hon specifically mentioned allegations against clergy which he said turned out to be unproven. And on Sunday, June 12, 2016, Hon made his intent to protect Apuron, and by extension, the neocats, visible, by publicly ignoring Walter Denton on the steps of the Cathedral before Mass. 

Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai greets Catholic Protesters in Guam from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

(At about 00:35 Walter Denton can be seen telling the priest with Hon that he wants to talk to him.)

It was clear from the outset that Hon was Filoni's puppet and that he had been given a script he had to stick with. And the fact that Hon, an archbishop with no experience of ever running a diocese, was sent to fix the most troubled diocese in the world, was all the more confirmation that he was only here to run interference for Apuron and preserve the Neocatechumenal Way. 

But there was something Filoni and Hon didn't count on: FACTS. Facts, and people willing to stand up to the Vatican bullies. 

In August of 2016, Hon was finally cornered with those facts by certain lay people at a meeting with the presbyteral council. Hon was cornered. He had no alternative but to admit that Apuron and the neocat hierarchy had conspired against the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana and had covered the conspiracy with the most remarkable lies - the same lies that recently appeared in the dutiful groveling of a fourth rate Italian version of the Enquirer which still reports Elvis sightings. 

But Hon's real downfall came when he publicly mocked the bill lifting the statute of limitations. Initially the bill only targeted individuals, not institutions. However, Hon's mockery of the effort led to an angry public hearing and the modification of the bill to hold institutions accountable - since it became evident that doing so would be the only thing which might make Hon finally cast off his Filoni-provided script and face the truth about Apuron and the Gennarini agenda.

Upon the unanimous passage of the bill, Hon immediately sought to appease us by running to Rome to ask for Apuron's resignation.

Full letter

But now that put him directly in the crosshairs of Kiko Arguello and Filoni Baloney. Arguello and Filoni flew into action and got Hon out of Guam PRONTO! - replacing him with a bishop from Detroit who admittedly had no prior knowledge of Guam's problems. 

Upon Byrnes' assignment, Filoni ordered Gennarini to meet with Byrnes before actually going to Guam. I don't know if Gennarini ever got to him, but I know there were several attempts. The assignment of Byrnes was another red flag. Why assign a bishop who knows nothing of Guam to the most troubled diocese in the world? It was easy to see why: 1) the people of Guam historically have respect for "American" authorities, and 2) Filoni and Gennarini saw Byrnes as malleable. 

Byrnes' pastoral and more so his "American" image was meant to disarm us while Filoni and Gennarini would work on him behind the scenes. However, Byrnes soon ran into the same wall called FACTS that Hon ultimately ran into, and it wasn't too long before Byrnes publicly declared Apuron a "DISASTER."

So now Byrnes is in Filoni and Kiko's crosshairs. However, Byrnes is not in the same position as Hon who is an employee of the Curia and only appointed temporarily. Byrnes is a coadjutor bishop with full rights of succession to the episcopal chair of this diocese once it is declared "vacant."

In short, Byrnes is not under Filoni's authority or control. To remove him would require a canonical process similar to Apuron's. Of course, the pope can still act unilaterally, albeit in contradiction to canon law, and who knows, maybe Byrnes would much rather go back to Detroit. (Who could blame him.) 

All of this intrusion by Filoni, Kiko, and Gennarini, including the recent so-called "demotion" of Hon to nuncio to Greece, is a loud declaration that Apuron is NOT INNOCENT. For if he was, it would have simply been declared and there would not be the very obvious great panic to deflect, deny, discredit and destroy - which is the neocat calling card. 

Maybe the Red Pope, (aka Filoni) should spend some time in the Sistine chapel staring at the back wall. 


  1. The continuing saga between the Archdiocese, the Vatican and the
    well documented situation that is playing out provides enough
    material for a movie worthy of an Oscar. All the major players
    provide not only intrique but also mafioso suspense! Ann A.

  2. Tim, did I understand you right? Hon standing up against the Red Pope (Filoni) in defense of the people of Guam vs. Apuron? He should be awarded the honor of being included in the Ancient Order of the Chamorri. He's got cojones, man!

  3. O' what the KAKA Filled NEO Cult DUNGBATs web it spins with it continued lies and deception. LMAO

    DianaSeptember 29, 2017 at 4:12 PM
    The one thing that Tim Rohr did not know was that Archbishop Hon had been against the Neocatechumenal Way. He actually thought that Archbishop Hon was there to protect the Way. He wasn't. He was there to close down RMS, remove RMS priests from positions, and cripple the NCW.

    What Tim Rohr did not know what that before Archbishop Hon came to Guam, he wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Libreville, Basile Mvé Engone, who is a Salesian priest like Hon. The Archbishop of Libreville was taking steps to open a Redemptoris Mater Seminary in his diocese. In his letter, Archbishop Hon told Archbishop Engone that he was making a bad decision. Archbishop Hon stated that the NCW causes division and the RMS seminarians are badly deformed. The Archbishop of Libreville then told Archbshop Hon to stay out of the affairs of his diocese.

    Archbishop Hon came here with the agenda of closing down Guam's RMS and to cripple the Way. This is what Tim Rohr did not know. Only a few of us knew about Hon's letter to the Archbishop of Libreville. Because Tim Rohr did not have this information, he mistakenly thought that Archbishop Hon was on our side and threatened him with lawsuits.

    1. Hon's assignment had nothing to do with his personal agenda. Like a a good curial bureaucrat, he was carrying out the assignment given to him, obviously by Filoni. It was the same assignment Gennarini tried to relay to Byrnes after Hon failed, but I'm fairly sure Byrnes got a whiff of Gennarini in time.

  4. Bullies? And your JungleWatch Opus is not considered bullying?
    What else could you mean by Pius 'the putrid'?, Edwin the 'Billygoat', 'Little Dick'?

    1. Wow, so you think our little blog has the equivalent bullying power as these people? Thanks.

    2. I'm liking Little Dick the most. Liar that he is. Notorious, in fact.

    3. Equating the naming of these sad individuals for what they are known for around this island, is hardly bullying. These people earned their monikers.
      PIUS by having hygiene practices dating back to the 11th century.
      Bushu for acting and aping the animal in question. (Frankly it is very unfair to most goats, billy or not)
      Dicky frankly has been acting like one for so many years that people even forgot when it started.
      This is hardly bullying.
      Except of course for the crowd who invented micro aggression.
      On the bright side, all that persecution, this should buy them a good place in kiko's paradise, next to the eternal fire

  5. This smells really bad. Sandro Magister - whose articles damaged the Neo's since 1996 - surprisingly believes the Neo-propaganda and even hints at the innocence of Apuron.

    1. Magister may be trying to get back on the inside after being ousted himself. Anyway, the Federal Court is waiting for Apuron. And so is Walter Denton.

  6. Hon hates the way and got busted for sinister. He was lucky he was not put in Somalia

    1. Dear Anon @ 6.15: Obviously you know very little about the inner workings of the Vatican.
      Several facts to try to enlighten you narrow little mind:
      Hon is a scholar in the first place, not a diplomat. His order is a teaching order.
      He has been a school administrator most of his life.
      Actually he was nominated Vice Chancellor of the Pontifical Urbania University, at the same time he was nominated as Secretary to the Congregation for the Evangelization of People.
      He was a hold over from the previous administration, since Filoni did not become his boss until 2012.

      Benedict left him there as a counter weight to Filoni.
      It became obvious that once he countered Filoni, the red Cardinal would try everything to have him replaced.

      The nunciature to Greece is an important one. Not because of its size, but because it is a key country in the dialogue between the Orthodox churches and the Vatican.
      Greece is a key player in that dialogue and a go between Rome and Moscow.

      Hon had send several feelers to Cardinal Parolin, to seek his patronage, knowing his days were counted with Filoni.

      This assignment is what they call in DC, the Potomac two steps.
      Everybody win.
      Hon gets to be an important ambassador in the opening to the Orthodox church started by Benedict and embraced by Francis.
      He gets the protection of Parolin, who is no friend of Filoni.
      Filoni gets another Oblate of Mary, this one a Pole as undersecretary. And most important he removes someone that knew too much and had become a thorn in his foot.
      The Kikos can spin it as a victory.
      Victory of what? and for what reason?
      For having insulted their Idol?

      A lot of spin, and still more spin.
      Reality is weirder than even the wildest elucubrations of Mae the Diana, or her boss the Putrid Pius of Malta.

  7. I never said Hon supported the Way. He had orders from Filoni and he was doing the job he was ordered to do. And when it became clear that we had prevented him from doing it, Filoni jerked him out of here.

  8. Francis seems to be noticing what's going down. ncw cannot help but show their true colours especially without the brains of St Carmen & Francis knows he needs to reaffirm Papal authority in front of the scandal that is the Vatican made evident in the action mentioned here and elsewhere!

    1. Ah, yes. St. Carmen the Coarse.

    2. Like your Brother Tim ? Right fuck head 7:07 PM

    3. Hey 2:05pm, call Rudy and go on a rant together.