Tuesday, September 26, 2017


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so if you already know about John Toves ,Roy,Walter and Roland back in May 2016, Where and how did you find Doris Concepcion..More importantly,How much was she paid to come forward with her story? 

Arizona woman says her son was molested by Archbishop Apuron from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.


  1. She camne forward on her own after Roy camne forward that Apuron sexually abused him. Her sister in Guam called her to listen to the news. She's an Agat girl and knows Roy's family. The rest is history.

  2. 21 Sept 2017 Papal Francis' speech. He says "To Listen to the victims and the survivors".

    Telling a neo this won't be enough. They have been analyzing each victims story word for word weeding out what they don't like, and retelling the story to suit a purpose. Will the Diana's listen, show compassion to the victims, and obey Pope Francis!?

    "Permit me to say with all clarity that sexual abuse is a horrible sin, completely opposed and in contradiction to what Christ and the Church teach us. I have had the privilege, here in Rome, tolisten to the stories that victims and survivors of abuses have wished to share.....
    Therefore, I reiterate once again today that the Church will respond, at all levels, with the implementation of the firmest measures to all those that have betrayed their calling and have abused God’s children.......
    The Church is called to be a place of mercy and compassion, especially for those who have suffered. For all of us, the Catholic Church continues to be a field hospital that accompanies us in our spiritual itinerary. It’s the place where we can sit with others, listen to them and share with them our struggles and our faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am fully confident that the Commission will continue to be a place where we can listen with interest to the voices of the victims and the survivors, because we have much to learn form them and from their personal stories of courage and perseverance.+ Pope Francis