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In the above picture of the Hydra, the mythical Greek monster, Gustave Moreau the French painter, admitted that he was heavily influenced by the Beast of the Book of Revelation.

This is a great allegory about what the Church of Guam is facing, in its challenge to rebuild, and to challenge the masonic proto judeo-protestant cancer also known as the Neocatecumenal Way.

As I was finishing a post yesterday, on my personal blog which I dedicate to the Medias, Politics, History and Propaganda, I was contacted by one of our many friends, who was wondering what this article in La Stampa  was all about, as it was written of course in Italian.

Upon reading it, my first answer was: this is nothing else than a rehashing of the litany of lies, false accusations and slander that Pius the Itinerant Catechist, which we had to suffer the presence on this island for so long, had published and screamed from the top of his putrid lungs for the last 5 years.

If you ever had to be convinced about the reality of evil during our lifetime, you just need to read this
collection of detritus regurgitated by the very Neo friendly S. Cernuzio, a so called journalist from la Stampa, the left leaning newspaper of Northern Italy.

Salvatore Cernuzio, is the typical product of the Machine named NCW.
He is a valuable agent for Kiko, the Genarrini, and of course Pius the Maltese.

The clean cut appearance, with his typical Neo beard, hides a dangerous pen, which he uses
to propagate the Neo message at all levels.

As we have seen, he writes for la Stampa, the left leaning Northern Italian paper which is ranked as the fourth largest daily in Italy, but also for their online version as well as their sister site: the Vatican Insider (a grand and misleading title) which of course deals with the affairs of the Church.
To add the cherry on the cake, he also contributes to Zenit news services, the propaganda arm of the NCW.

This by itself disqualifies him as a neutral party, pretending to pass on a balanced information.

As our good friend Tripudio noted in his comment last night, this article is nothing new on the horizon. It is just a malicious dissemination of a succession of lies and slanders, which we can trace right back to the playbook of Pius Sammut.

Mr. Cernuzio here did not do any investigative work of any kind, he just packaged the deceptions,  rumors and attacks of Pius Sammut the disgraced Discalced Carmelite from Malta. The puppet master of AA.

I will not grace this column with all the details of these attacks. They are nauseating and vile. Just like their source.

To make short:

There are the totally disqualified accusations against David Lujan, Monsignor James, Father Gofigan, Mr. Lastimoza, Richard Untalan, Tim Rhor, which are added to Pius fairy tale of a Casino at the Yona property, and the evils that Apuron was allegedly fighting against.

This would be quite laughable by itself, if Mr Cernuzio did not try in passing to scratch the reputation of Cardinal Tagle, and Cardinal Burke and besmirch Archbishop Hon, as well as Archbishop Byrnes.
All this of course to support the theory that Apuron is totally innocent of the child abuses he is accused of, and that Apuron is a victim here.

Why ? Shall you ask.....well just because he was fighting anti-Catholic forces on the island, and he was also trying to follow the instructions of the stellar Cardinal Filoni. Damn the Victims of Apuron, who are reduced to some liars in search of financial gains.

Filoni, which according to Cernuzio is a Beacon for honesty, faith and the Catholic Church, is in fact a consummate politician, who is a typical career prince of the Church, who we unfortunately had to suffer under for centuries. He is also an interloper and a very dangerous individual, who has thrown his hat with Kiko.

This delirious article basically reduce the issues to :
  •  Apuron, Filoni, NCW: Good
  •  Opposition, victims : bad
We have here a perfect example of the level of corruption, of plain evil, that faces us.
This is an attack piece on us and on the Church we love, by people who pose as defenders of the faith that they have come to subvert.  If it was not so sad, and so grave, it would be laughable.

But it is not laughable. It is the brutal demonstration, of how vile and how vicious our enemies really are. I hope Archbishop Byrnes takes good notes about this, if he had any illusions about
the true intentions of the NCW on Guam.

It is ironic that not long after we were graced by the visit of our lady of Fatima on our island, we can observe on our own how true her warnings were about the deceit of the devil and about the betrayals she foresaw of some inside our own church. It is particularly Ironic that Cardinal Burke himself noted these events during his homily in Chartres this year at the pilgrimage to our Lady of Christendom.

I guess it is time for us, to once again steel our resolve. Personally I believe this is another attempt to Deny, Divert and Destroy by the Kikos and their agents, as they know that their delaying actions inside the Vatican to protect their little pet : the pathetic Apuron, are coming to an end.

Like the Gospel song, so perfectly communicate: "Soon, very soon.... 


  1. Maybe even Sooner than Soon...

  2. Austin A E(UK) claims over 20 years to discern the Spirit of the ncw and then he left it! The Holy Spirit is not a spirit that disobeys,deceives, divides and detracts! He is not despotic, demeaning, derisory, disparaging, desecrating or disdainful! He is the Holy Spirit of wisdom and love and piety. QED

    1. sentence 1 - is there a time limit?
      sentence 2 - agreed
      last sentence - you have not shown what if anything is "demonstrandum" in this comment

    2. Add to that: Defraud, Debase, Disgrace!

  3. Let's dissect the La Stampa article paragraph by (as you would want readers to believe) totally disqualifying paragraph and see wherein the truth is.

    Don't say on a previous post that you will "address" it because all I can read on THIS post is you pulling a spin and calling it a fairy tale. That article shed's a whole lot on a lot of details that have NEVER been brought in any forum... like the pedo lastimoza issue...the letters, the law and the fact that he is a level one sex offender..

    So why don't you do yourself a favor and nit pick the whole damn article before you start spinning your fake news bull shit..excuse my frenchie. Frenchie

    1. Well hello anon at 7.50, you know the old adage?
      There is no more blind or deaf than the one who refuse to see or ear.
      You obviously have made up your mind, for what it is worth.
      We on junglewatch have been nitpicking as you say for 4 years all these baseless accusations, one by one by one.

      This site has demonstrated over and over again, that the accusations against Mr Lastimoza, Monsignor James and Father Paul were lies, meant to destroy them, and advance Pius' agenda.
      This site has demonstrated over and over again the fallacious stories of Pius regarding the Seminary property, how it was acquired, under what false pretense it was acquired, and who gave the money to repay the loan taken to purchase said property.
      We have published the finding of Senator Klitzkie regarding how Apuron and Pius conspired to give the property to the Gennarinis. So did the local media.

      We have covered the whole Lastimoza accusations and the fact that Apuron was the one that authorized him to work there. We have covered the fact that Lastimoza's crime was not with a minor at all. We have produced the letters, the law, and the fact that following the Archbishop's instruction he was no longer in the employ of the Church for over a year, when Apuron used this lame excuse to rid himself of Fr Paul. We also documented that he did not have keys to the school, neither did anyone in the Parish as they are two different entities.

      If someone is spinning here it is not I, but Pius and his mouthpiece Mr Cernuzio, the gun for hire. Unlike Pius and Cernuzio I do not need to rehash the demonstrations we have made for the last four years. We did the work, the research, we talked to the actors, we found the documents, we got the legal advises. Cernuzio is just relaying what he was spoon fed.

      If you were not lazy or just scare, you could find all these documents in the archives of this site. They are listed and easy to find. But then again, it would take an honest person, not a zombie like you.
      Excuse my French.

    2. Alas, 7:50PM, you must be a Newbie. It has been done so many times already. If I care to, I may rub your filthy nose in Apuron's sh*t once again. But for now, explain for all of us why our Tony Boy RAN!

  4. These shithead outsiders making judgement calls without doing their homework to know the truth. How easy it is to take as gospel the words of a liar and manipulator like Pius and then to use the reasoning that the article has a shit load of details therefore it makes it more credible? so to follow this reasoning, a bucket load of shit is better than a cup full? Stupid idiot, the truth is not proven in the quantity of words, or the number of paragraphs printed. This blog has produced all the documentation and proof of all the corruption that Apuron and his cronies have perpetuated in our Local church, along with all the lies and deceit that Pius and the NCW have perpetuated, not to mention that they have not produced one document of truth to support their claims, just lies after lies. I say get your head out of Pius's ass so that you can see clearly the truth. However I am doubtful that any member of the NCW in their brainwashed state will ever see the truth, for them truth comes only from their catechist.

  5. Yes, this article is one-sided, but I'd like to know the validity of some of these claims. Is Mr. Lastimoza a convicted killer? What is Rainbow Mercy? Does Msgr. James have 3 homes? Is the Redemptoris Mater officially going to be closed? I'd never seen any of these claims.

    1. Lets start backward. We have over the years addressed all these issues. All these accusations have been debunked and/or reset in their proper setting.

      The RMS: so far, no one has officially declared it shall be closed. Many have wished it would,since it has been proven to be a failed institution. (they just lost their famous Lateran endorsement). The whole setup was used as a vulgar money laundering operation. (now that is a real financial scandal)
      On the other hand Archbishop Byrnes financial committee has clearly listed the property as a non essential building for the operation of the Archdiocese, along with dozens of other properties, therefore able to be sold anytime to raise money for the Archdiocese. The RMS could be transferred to the Malojoj site for example. As a foot note. The delegate to the Archbishop returned a report regarding the state of education at the RMS, which was triggered by the Samoan students leaving overnight when their Bishop pulled them out suddenly.

      Msgr James does not own 3 homes, unlike Archbishop Apuron.
      His immediate family owns several homes around the island, but like most priest he lives at the San Anthony parish, just like he used to live at the Cathedral prior to his removal as rector.

      The Rainbow of Mercy is a Catholic Group of lay people which was founded by father Paul, after he was reinstated in his priestly capacity by Apuron and exiled as "in residence" at St Antony. They promote works of mercy. It is run by a group of lay people, even if Father Paul remains the clergy contact. I believe they have a facebook page and a website. Originally it was created as a reach out for at risk kids (suicide is a huge problem here) and as an alternative to the NCW for the World Youth celebrations. (prior to this the Archdiocese had given the NCW an almost exclusive control to organize such trips). See dossier on this site regarding parents protests.

      Mr Lastimoza pleaded guilty to murder, (which occured during a drunken binge when he was 20years old). It was part of plea deal, which exonerated a younger relative. He served most of his sentence in Texas. He became eligible for parole after 22 years, and returned to Guam. His parole was conditional to him finding an employment. Archbishop Apuron agreed for him to be a custodian at the Santa Barbara Parish. He remained a custodian even after his parole period was over. Mr Lastimoza rediscovered his Catholic Faith and started attending regular services. He met his future wife at the parish and they were married there. They have a daughter. Mrs Lastimoza has a medical condition which forces her to have painful procedures three times a day. Mr Lastimoza is her full time care giver. This worsening happened right after Fr Paul was instructed to sever Mr Lastimoza employment, which he did. Mr Lastimoza remained as a parishioner with his family, until they moved.
      The Lastimoza family moved to Texas late last year.

      As always, the devil is in the details.

  6. That neo-propaganda on La Stampa is obviously staged. Leave Guam the hell alone, kiko people! Just when we were making headway into getting rid of these dregs of society, some ill-advised "journalist" strings together a hodgepodge of pius rasputin's venom and passes them off as official Vatican report. His test would be to personally come to Guam and interview the ordinary people on the street to find out the Truth. What a feast for gullible nincompoops who thought they've struck at the heart of the fight. To all neokikos on Guam, just move off the island to any of these South American and European countries where you can beso-beso your fellow cultists without ridicule and guffaws from Guam locals who scoff at these borrowed gestures! So if Kiko was from Alaska, you might be rubbing noses. That is way too close for pius rasputin's nostrils. No, thanks! Granted, there might be documents to base those allegations, show us! Stop deluding people and confising them further! You kiko poops are destroying the church you promised to help build! Why don't you go to uncatechized mission lands wherein you may earn the title "missionaries" rather than "moochers!" You have opportunities to redeem your cult from your hated status. Man up!