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Back on September 6, the local media was licking up SNAP's slobber over a supposed United Nations story about the Vatican failing to submit a report about it's progress in addressing clerical sex abuse:
“And children remain at risk while Vatican officials engage in power struggles, finger pointing and deflection,” stated SNAP managing Director Barbara Dorris. (PNC)
As much as I understand the pathetic state of the Filoni-controlled Vatican, I've warned the local media wannabe journalists NOT to bend over every time some SNAP thug spits on the ground. 

The UN's chastising of the Vatican is an annual charade, and I laughed at the pathetic swarming of our childish local media swarming to the story like flies on &%$t. And here's why:

UN mission in Congo forces reckoning over sex abuse scandal

UN peacekeepers accused of thousands of cases of abuse, AP finds

AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests

More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed

Just google "United Nations sex abuse" for more. 

Note to media: Time to grow a brain and maybe at least try to find "the rest of the story." SMH!


By the way, speaking of SNAP thugs and the lap dog media, here's my response to a SNAP hustler that the Daily Post never ran:

In her letter to the editor (Guam Daily Post, Aug 9) SNAP “board chairperson," Mary Ellen Kruger, accused me of “months of unfounded and defamatory rants against (her) organization.” 

Relative to any “rants”, there has been only one “rant” published in either of Guam’s newspapers: my letter to the Post of Aug 7 ("Casteix, SNAP, bad for Guam”), and only a very brief statement in a TV news around the same date calling into question SNAP’s interest in Guam. 

So, I’m not sure how that qualifies as “months of unfounded and defamatory rants.” In fact, I’m looking into holding Ms. Kruger and her organization liable for making such an “unfounded and defamatory” accusation against an individual resident of Guam who has a right to an opinion about what goes on in his own island community. 

Of course, what Kruger is referring to is what I have written on my blog. I guess I should be flattered that such a large, powerful, and wealthy organization like SNAP has elevated my “little ol’ blog” to the same status of the mainstream media. 

I can prove that absolutely nothing was written on my blog that was not a response to a previous incursion into our affairs by Joelle Casteix and SNAP. But that’s not the issue. 

At issue is our personal freedom, our First Amendment rights, for people like you and me - people without “organizations” - to express our own personal thoughts however we choose to do it, without wealthy, powerful thug organizations like SNAP slamming us from their high places as the “director of this” and “chairperson of that.”

And rather than disprove any of the points in my letter, Kruger goes “ad hominum” on me by inferring that I have no right to speak because I’m not “a wife and mother” (like Kruger or Casteix), nor a “survivor of child abuse” - which, according to Kruger’s logic, you must be if you want to have anything to say about it. 

Well I happen to be a father of eleven children who I DO NOT WANT to be “survivors of child abuse,and that gives me every right to say what I want! And you too!

And by the way, let’s stop calling Casteix a victim of “child sex abuse.” Casteix may have been a seventeen year old minor when she got pregnant by her twenty-six year old choir teacher (whom she herself called “young and cool”), but she wasn’t a “child.” (See her written testimony in support of Bill 334-30.)

For Casteix to pretend to identify with the tragedy that befell a twelve year old Walter Denton who was raped and threatened by his pastor and the man who would be bishop, is to molest Walter and real victims like him all over again. 

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