Saturday, September 2, 2017


Man: Why don't you come in politely and make a reservation as everyone does?

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NOTE: So apparently the boys at RMS are running a hotel after all, since Edwin the Basketcase Bushu tells the KUAM reporter that she is "not polite" and that she should "come in politely and make a reservation as everyone does?" But of course, Bushu is lying. Not only were the doors to the RMS hotel locked - as the video shows - no one at RMS would even pick up the phone. 

BTW, a few weeks ago, in defense of Apuron, Bushu was screaming at his congregation from the pulpit at the Yigo church (where he is supposed to be) to "stop judging." Hey Bushu, sounds like you were pretty quick to judge the KUAM reporters. 

BTW, Bushu was neo-fast tracked, entering the seminary in 2008 and ordained in 2011. ONLY THREE YEARS to the priesthood. 

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