Monday, March 12, 2018


My note: This blog receives many emails and inquiries from former members of the NCW. Most simply want to quietly encourage us in what we do on this blog. Some, from time to time have permitted us to publish their accounts. But ALL do not want their names to be known. That alone should speak loudly to us. Where else does one find such fear of retaliation from what is supposed to be an authentically Church-sanctioned group? One which brags "The Holy Spirit accompanies us! Jesus goes before us!" (This blog post may be downloaded as a PDF here.)

By Anonymous

The Holy Spirit accompanies us!
 Jesus goes before us!

Anyone who has been to a neocatechumenate catechesis or been a member of a neocatechumenate community will recognise these words. These are the fundamental claims to authenticity and justification for the neocatechumenate to claim it is inspired by God, that it must obey God and be faithful to the charism given by God. Ultimately this has led to the NCW’s disobedience to the Pope, the Magisterium and to legitimate church authorities. 

The outcome is being witnessed worldwide and has been well publicised
that a major division has been created within the church 
which would certainly
 not be a fruit of the Holy Spirit! 
Some neocatechumenate members claim that 
wherever Jesus is proclaimed division is caused 
because the people listening are forced to make a decision for or against Jesus. 

This is certainly true BUT when the statement is made in relation to the Church it is very different.  The inference here, in relation to the Church, is that the Church is not in communion with Jesus and the NCW knows better than the Church. This conclusion would never be stated directly but implied through such subtle statements. Unfortunately many community members are taken in and seduced by such subtle inferences without considering  exactly what is being said.

I invite members of the NCW to consider carefully how their membership of the organisation is giving mandate to the NCW leadership to exert influence in and on the Church in ways undisclosed to them but of great concern to the Church. As members are you aware of this and are you consulted or kept informed of exactly what Kiko is doing? 

If you became aware that the organisation had been infiltrated by politically motivated leaders and was involved in dishonest, criminal and subversive activities would you still be happy to offer your mandate? 

Here is an extract from  “Life every day” by Jeff Lucas  that gives some insight into the methods of evangelisation used by some christian movements. Some similarities can be found here to the methods employed by the NCW.

There is no doubt that many people, including myself, have benefitted from the Way and many “good fruits” are being seen. It is true that The Holy Spirit accompanies the Way. The fundamental question is does this guarantee authenticity and benefit the Church? Most individuals at parish level in the NCW have little insight into the reality of the Way’s influence within the Church. They will only see the local picture and the information they are allowed to receive through the official channels of the Way. This information would be favourably biased to emphasise the Way’s good fruit while filtering out as much negative news as possible. 

The official NCW line would be to suppress information about  involvement in the: 
Vatileaks scandal 
or the 
Fraudulent misappropriation of church assets 
($40million in just one Guam property!)note 1
Being caught trying to slip approvals past Pope Benedict by devious means.
or the use of 
Spreading of misleading information to divert attention from the truth 
infiltration by Communist ideology
( note 2 
or anarchists 
( note 3.

 Kiko  preaches about the evil of the internet as the internet challenges his control and ability to limit member’s access to information and to manipulate what he wants them to know. (and what he doesn’t want them to know)

After many years as a member of the NCW and reaching the final stage of election, I can personally confirm that I was completely convinced that I was on the right path. I was addicted to the emotional highs from the weekly eucharist and the belief that I was on a way of personal conversion leading to sainthood with the approval of the Pope and the Church. 
I had a powerful conversion experience at the outset and became increasingly exposed to devotions and practices of the church. At first sight and according to my rational judgement  all seemed good and I could have been considered a zealot of the Way. All the members of the community were making personal progress in their spiritual life, as was I.

However certain unsavoury matters started to come to my attention and this eventually led to the opening of my eyes to the reality of what I was part of leading to my decision to leave. Making the decision to leave meant leaving all the people I had been closely associated with for over 20 years and starting out again by myself. I pray everyday for my friends in the Way that they will have their eyes opened too. Unfortunately they are probably like I was,  just looking inwardly at themselves and not considering the bigger picture. I was for the most part unaware of the reality at the top of the Way’s organisation and now I am ashamed that I allowed myself to be manipulated into supporting it. 

Some of the many unsavoury matters would be:

Witnessing Kiko shouting at a young African who was standing up at a vocational meeting in Porto San Giorgio 
“hurry up before I kick you in the head!”(original in Spanish)
witnessing international catechists laughing and approving of Kiko’s outburst.

Claims that the charisms are now with the laity and NCW catechists are      
true apostles. (note 4)

Bullying and hectoring members in an attempt to prevent any questioning or dissention. 

Little regard for those with mental illness
 or risk of suicide. (I have witnessed 5 suicides in the Way)

Blatant self promotion by the NCW and denigration of any opposition including Church hierarchy.

Misrepresentation of the facts to cover up misappropriation of assets & funds etc.

Moving the goal posts to keep NCW members bound in by continually extending the time needed to be in the Way. The NCW statutes say 10 years to complete the way. Actual experience can be up to 30 years. At the end of the way members are not freed to return to their parish but are bound to their communities.

In Conclusion.

As part of the covenants I have made I am making members of the Way aware of the reality so that they can repent (think again), convert (change direction and come back to the Church), and withdraw their mandate to the Way.

Note 1. This is the most famous example of misappropriation of assets but many parish cheque books are being misused worldwide.

Note 2.. Prof G Genarini is a member of an US Eastern seaboard Italian family. He has been the national catechist of the NCW in the USA and has been tipped to succeed Kiko.

Note 3.  A number of the 72 elected by Kiko are reported to have had association with the Red Brigades including a previous member of the UK national team, Fr M Pello.

Note 4.  NCW catechists ultimately believe that  Bishops must obey them. They delight in compromising churchmen in authority in order to exercise control over them.