Wednesday, June 6, 2018


(posted by Frenchie)

Several things always surprise outsiders when they go to worship in a Catholic Church on Guam.

The pleasant ones are, that overall the services are well attended, and they are represented by multi generational  attendees. (it is not unusual to see four generations on the same pew). Men in general are more numerous in our churches than on those of the mainland or in Europe. This is a very heartening situation, in view of the very aggressive anti-male and anti-father movement which characterize our modernist society.
On Guam, many fathers attend Church with their families, and for the most part children are fairly well behave.

On a less pleasant level, people are shocked by the level of loud socialization in the pews, before Mass, or on the way to receive the Eucharist.
There are many odd habits like the wide use of the Orans position, and some dramatic display of theatrics just before and/or after receiving communion.
Many people also wander aimlessly throughout the Church during the peace exchange, as if they were looking for their best friends at a social event.
Of course we should not omit the Neos' celebrations  with their home baked bred and the chanting and dancing around the altar.

 All the noise, gesticulations, and overt dramatic displays, have little to do with the intentions brought  forth by the Vatican II Council.
Rather they are disturbing deviations on the proper way to worship. My own reflection being that they are as many distractions which make it difficult to be able to truly reflect, and pray, in order to be in the right frame of mind to allow us to get closer to God. This is what Vatican II had wished could happen, by trying to ease access for the common person to the rituals.
This was without counting on the fact that many bishops would take the easy road and fail their flock.

 It is evident that these public expressions have nothing to do with the instructions of the GIRM, regarding the participation of the faithful to the Mass, or any of the reflections made by Cardinal Arinze, which we shared here last week.In fact most Catholics are not very well versed about their own religion. Most of us rather than educate ourselves, expect our parish priest to let us know what to do. This, in itself would be fine, if we had priests who are well versed about the liturgy and the GIRM. Unfortunately, few of our priests are very knowledgeable in these areas. When they are, we also have too many that have not cared for a long while.

Having had an Archbishop for three decades, that was little engaged in these issues, but who was rather worried about his hold on power and how to profit from it, certainly did not help at all.
Leaving his priests with little instructions or incentives to regulate what is of essential importance led to the mess we are currently facing. Mess that was aggravated by having allowed the NCW the opportunity and the means to sink their fangs in some of the juiciest parishes and spread their Cult
deviations in the midst of our Church. We shall have to face the consequences of that catastrophic situation for years to come. In fact it will be one of our major challenges, once we have addressed the consequences of the sexual abuse on Guam.

It is to be noted that Archbishop Byrnes has taken this issue very seriously and has started to take basic steps to address the problem.
Yet it will take a lot of efforts to properly instruct the priests and the faithful in the right liturgical path.
We can expect the NCW to fight this every step of the way. The reason being, that an educated community is more difficult to divert away from the true Church.

Already we see different forms of false communications against that effort, as well as attempts to resist Archbishop Byrnes heroic efforts to steer us back in the right direction.
Lets pray for Archbishop Byrnes and the Clergy. Lets educate and involve ourselves in the daily life of our Church on Guam. The faithful are thirsty for guidance and knowledge. Two things we know the devil and his stooges abhor.

St Michael defend us in battle.....