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To continue on yesterday's post, today we shall look at the next two items on our list.

  • Spin, spin, spin.
  • Getting a new Headquarters.
As we saw , the Neos after circling the proverbial wagons, following their repeated setbacks  on Guam, have developed a concerted strategy to regain some of their luster.
We saw, how they deliberately decided to attack and de-legitimized both the Archbishop and the local clergy, using in doing so all their communication network, which the Diana is a small part of.
Over the last few years we have recognized that the Neos, as a world wide organization, shrouded in secrecy, have become masters at spinning any situation to their advantage.
From their now infamous signature calling card : "The Pope has sent us"
To their instinctive reaction of calling any set-back a "persecution", and everything in between; there is not one case where they do not apply their spin, spin, spin tactics to.

 Gennarini, the head honcho for the USA, is a very sly and dangerous individual .
From his Italian background, and his past as a far left extremist, he has kept a certain Machiavelism.
Most of all, he has become a master communicator.
He is patient, even if he is prone to famous anger tantrum.

Spin, spin, spin.
 The Neos use this tactic as a weapon, both as a positive weapon, to stress the "good" they do, but also to weaken, distort, confuse, apologize for, and counter any negative image, that might have fallen upon them.
On Guam, they have had to face the crashing and burning of some of their most trusted soldiers.
There was of course the Apuron self-destruction.
This came on the heels of the Wadeson affair, which was embarrassing but not fatal.
Then they faced the repeated challenges of Father Luis's pedacillas, and subsequent escape to the deserts of Arabia, the revelations of their shenanigans with the Yona property, and the ones about their Ponzi scheme operations at the so called Seminary.
Les not forget the media fiasco of Gennarini running away from a few elderly ladies at the airport,leaving in his wake, his own spouse and a smiling but clearly uneasy Pius.
Finally as a cherry on top of the proverbial cake, the revelations about Adrian Cristobal, and his final running away to destination unknown, except of course to our dear Giuseppe.
How do they handle this?
Well: their spin follow the established model of  Deny, Deflect and Destroy.
Examples of denial are repleted here. they have used this with almost all sexual abuse accusations.
Deacon "for sure, for sure" and Cristobal went to bat for Wadeson to tell us, that this was an administrative snafu, and that there was no sexual abuse.
In the case of Father Luis, they put so much pressure on the parents of the poor child, and pretended that there was an open investigation, to delay and delay, and allow for the disappearance of Father Luis. Even after he was finally found, Bishop Ballin, denied, and denied.
In Apuron's Case,he denied everything. Cristobal, Edivaldo, Deacon Tenorio embarked in a campaign of false statements and threats to the victims, their families and this site.  Which led to the comical but very revealing "pumped fist incident" from the Valdo.
Regarding the Yona property, they resorted to a more dramatic and fantasist scenario, which is worth an Oscar for originality in the Science Fiction section. Being caught red handed, with their fingers in the cookie jar, they denied everything, then they floated first in the local communities, then on Diana's blog and finally in the Italian press their fairy tale, which involved : Gangsters from China, Tim as the evil carpet bagger, and a gambling operation. Without forgetting, the hero  Apuron, who saved the island from these bad, bad, predators. If it was not so tragic, it would be hilarious. But they persevered, and even published this in an Italian media hit piece against Tim, this website, and Archbishop Byrnes. To crown all this, it has become their official story to all the communities world wide. The Guam delegation during their last "pilgrimage" to Rome being put at center stage, and paraded as their latest martyrs to the persecution they are supposed to be facing here on Guam. If this is not spin, I don't know what it is. 
To most of us, it is nothing but a preposterous fable. Most of us are not drinking the Kiko cool aid, but the Neos do, and they believe strongly what their gurus are feeding them.
Most dangerous, is that thanks to their large media network, some of these stories, find their way into some of the mainstream Catholic media, which in turn raises doubts in the mind of people not familiar with our issues.
One last spin example can be found with the Diana, in regards to all the accusations of sexual wrongdoings by some of their cadre. The latest being Adrian Cristobal, the fugitive priest.
We have seen the lame attempts at justifying Apuron's sexual abuses.In Adrian's case, it seems that Diana or her handlers have found a new and novel inroad.

The Neos have been very successful with their famous: "the Pope sent us". In that long established tradition, the Diana threw out a trial balloon, as a cover story on priests wrongly accused of abuse.
Using the tragic and now infamous story of Father Gordon J McRae who was wrongly accused of abuse, sent to prison in his State of  Rhode Island, and abandoned by his bishop and fellow priests, before being defended by the Pulitzer price winning investigative journalist from the Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz, the Diana, or in this case her ghost writers (this is well above her pay grade) are trying more or less successfully to cash in on several fronts.
By using this case, they try to draw a parallel with Adrian (suggesting not so subtly, a presumption of innocence), but also they try to bring into their corner, the sizable conservative Catholic audience, who see these accusations against priests, as attacks on the Church. Which is true in far too many cases.
This is where the whole ambiguity of the Neos shows itself. They spin, they use a real tragedy, to infer that their presbyters, and perhaps Apuron are victims of such attacks, that they are "Persecuted", for no other reasons that they are in the Way.
While, to most clear minded person, this looks like a gross manipulation, (which it is) to the Neos rank and file, this is another proof that they are on the right pass. To some conservatives who are not privy of all the details we have, they might feel a certain kinship towards the Neos. This is where the genius of  their spinning demonstrates itself. It is full baloney, but if they throw it often enough at the wall, something might stick. Worse case scenario it creates confusion.
Of course the irony in this spin, is that Diana's ghost writers conveniently forget , that they themselves used the  innuendos, lies and distortions, which were used against Father Macrae, in their attempts to rid themselves of Father Paul.
(See the book, Target equals Priest, available here)
Getting a new Headquarters.
After living high on the hog for years on Guam, the Neos, had a rude awakening, with the removal of some of their key players, the establishment of new rules for the use of the Churches and Parishes' rooms, but mostly with the loss of their jewel holdings at the RMS.

After Pius convinced Apuron, that the Yona property would be a great venue for his new Seminary,
the Neos were able to use it, for many operations of propaganda, but also as a heaven for the missionaries, and some of their cadre, and a great place for their meetings and convivences. As they like to say, God provides.

With the loss of that unique property, the Neos had to revert to meetings at people's homes and the occasional Hotel retreat.

With around 800 members, this does not fit their needs. Therefore they needed a new place to be able to meet, and have a secure site where other parishioners cannot take notes of what they do and say.

It was then decided that they needed a new Headquarters.
In order to do so, they used what they usually do, (since they officially do not own anything)....a Foundation. The Rainan I Langet Foundation Inc. ( a non profit organization, which allows for tax deductible donations, among other things)

Thanks to this foundation, they have leased a property in Asan, right across from the Harley Davidson dealership.
The place will become the Guam Neocatecumenal Center. It is scheduled to open in the late September/early October period of this year.
In doing so, the Neos will have a place for all their meetings and events.
Money donations are already encouraged to cover some substantial expenses.
Don't forget folks. it is tax deductible....

This is also conveniently located between some of their most active communities at this time.
It is also a way to tell the Archbishop, we are here to stay.
So do not be surprised if the presbyter assigned to your parish is late from time to time,  You know traffic is awful on Marine Corps drive....

Here we are my friends, another piece in the Puzzle of the NCW on Guam.
We shall keep you posted in the development of these stories.
Tomorrow we shall look into the other items on our list
Keep posted.
The shadow knows.



  1. There is a lot of hate in your heart Frenchie and you might not even realize it.You spend more time trying to cause a bigger division than focusing on real problems.Where are you spreading peace? You do this thing a lot where you'll insult someone and then think that saying "peace" or "god bless" is going to justify your negativity.That's not what a catholic is supposed to do and that's not going to help you either.I hope and pray you find REAL peace.

    1. Ah! The proverbial Friday afternoon psychologist.....impressive.
      Your contribution would be interesting, if it was not the rehashed psycho babble spewed by the Catechists of your sect. Pointing out the divisions and the heretical things you are teaching, is not spreading hate, (except in your little mind). Answering a physical threat by making fun of the anonymous bully,who made the threat, is not spreading hate, (except in your little mind). It is standing up to that bully.
      If you had not caught on the Irony...the Peace I send from time to time, is making fun of you and your acolytes, who continuously pretend to say peace, but continuously stab people in the back. (figuratively and in reality)
      Standing to heretics and bullies, is not negative, it is an assertion of my duty as a Catholic.
      As far as you telling me what a Catholic is supposed to do, it is like asking Adrian to try to be a nice guy. Save your breath, and stop embarrassing yourself.
      I have found my peace, years ago, but I will add your prayers to the dozens I received everyday from true Catholics.
      Thank you

  2. Making fun of people even if they're doing something wrong.Is a symbol of pride."Embarrassing yourself"? I'm not embarrassed.Anytime someone contradicts or corrects you and you have no comeback,you won't post their comment.So you can save yourself from embarrassment,right? Why is it you tell me to stop but not the bullies? Because they make you look good.You know what doesn't make you look good? That pride and those assumptions of yours.This is why I'm going to continue praying for you.Your same pride will only hurt you more than anyone else.

    1. Well hello Anon at 4.25 and 4.44, I should probably thank you for your contribution. I think, thanks to you, we should be able to demonstrate anew how twisted and sickly your sect really is.
      Not that several writers here, including but not limited to recovering Neos, and others have not already done that exercise; but it probably will be a good teaching tool for new readers to understand the depth of the manipulation or attempts to manipulation you, and other like you are willing to go to, to detract and not address the disturbing issues of your secretive sect.
      This of course is not particularly original, but it needs being underlined.
      Therefore I shall dedicate a column to your pathetic little attempts, at some points next week. (sorry, but I reserve my Sunday to more important things)
      Suffice to say in the meantime, that most people are not duped by your blaming the messenger, in order not to address the substance of the message itself.
      Wishing you a good weekend of reflection.