Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Poor Mae! it is always hard to figure out, what is the result of that periodic female lack of comfort, or what is the result of the deep, profound trauma caused by the brain washing done by the Neos during these seances of Judeo-Masonic rituals.

Thanks to a couple of devoted ladies, who are sending us some of the elucubration of our deeply disturbed webmaster extraordinaire, we are getting from time to time an insight of what the Neos's instructions are at this time.

Several people have asked me over the past few months, what the Neos are up to. To which without really looking, I  always answer by the same explanation: They have been circling the wagons, while their leaders figured out a rationale to both justify their failings, and prepare a counter- attack.
Because  my dear brothers and sisters,  a counter-attack is underway.
Gennarini still has that welcoming committee, of the courageous and intrepid ladies of LFM, stuck in his throat. While he has been successful on the mainland, in co-opting powerful princes of the Church like Chaput, O'Malley, Mc Carrick, to name only the most powerful, and implant their spider like network of communities and seminaries, without too much push back or recognition, Guam has been the exception to that record. In fact Guam has been for the Neos, and Gennarini in particular a painful defeat, that of course they put under the title of persecution. (spin, spin)

In the old and tested Italian tradition, Gennarini is putting in place his revenge. Little Diana, the good little soldier who lends her persona to that team of bloggers, is doing her part in that plan, with the rest of the local Neo leaders and their Catechist, professor Atienza, the Spanish revisionist from the UOG, who took over for Pius, because they could not trust one of the local talents. (you know its hard to trust the natives.....)

So what is the plan?

Well it is pretty simple and yet it will require a lot of work.
The Zeal of the Neos is not to be demonstrated, so the hard work will be handled by the Natives.
Their leaders will do the thinking.

  1. Weaken and de-legitimize Archbishop Byrnes
  2. Weaken and de-legitimize the local priests.
  3. Spin, spin, spin.
  4. Get a new headquarters.
  5. Create and/or capitalize on tensions within the local clergy
  6. Try to separate some Filipino priest from the rest.
  7. Use the Neo presbyters as so many Trojan horses within the Church.
  8. Try to destroy all opposition, by any means. that includes Tim, CCOG, LFM and any other potential obstacle.
  9. Defend their fallen soldiers.
Lets look at these issues one by one and try to analyze them. 

Because this is quite a daunting work, we shall look at it in sections.

Tonight, we shall look at the first two items: Weakening the Archbishop, and  weakening the local Clergy.

Weaken and de-legitimize Archbishop Byrnes.
From the get go the Neos have done all they could do to hurt the reputation and slow the work of Archbishop Byrnes.
 Their first action was to attack the title of the Archbishop, and the mission he was given by the Vatican.
If you remember, as soon as the Archbishop set foot on the island, they made sure to make very public the fact, that he was not the leader of the Archdiocese, but that Apuron was.
They have fine tuned this line of attack as needed, and as the situation evolved.
First the Presbyters in their respective parishes, used the time reserved for homily to push the story, underlined by some quotes from Canon Law (out of context of course) that Apuron was still our Archbishop and therefore, they did not have to obey Archbishop Byrnes. According to our sources, they even told him so, during his consultation with every priest, at the beginning of his mandate.

Of course things went from bad to worse, after the Archbishop dared to close the RMS. Then the Neos went in full attack mode. Neos medias, from Italy and the USA, started a campaign of misinformation where the Archbishop was the target of falsehoods, innuendos and pure lies.
This was picked up and disseminated around the communities here on Guam, and throughout the world. While pretending to pray for the Archbishop to understand them, and their mission, they worked very hard to destroy him.

At every step, the Neos try to trip the Archbishop or give him intentions he never had in the first place.
Same old tricks.......Deny, Deflect, Destroy

Weaken and de-legitimize the local priests.
I shall not go over again, the litany of evil actions the Neos took against Fr Paul and Msgr James.
They still are upset that Archbishop Hon, found all the allegations against them false and non justified.
Yet they still controlled the Chancery, while Hon was here, even at the beginning of Byrnes's Administration. 
When their minions were thanked for their service, and put back in secondary roles, to be replaced by a new cadre of  priests, they of course started what they do best, a campaign of whispers against them.
Unfortunately for us, rather to work to rebuild from scratch, the local priests opted to revert to their old habits,  and jockeyed for power. The combination of the Ego of Fr Jeff, and the ambitions of Fr Mike and Msgr James, led to a situation where other priests felt quite dejected and lost their positive spirit.
The Neos recognized this right away, and have played it to the max for their troops, deriding these priests as corrupt on their website, and in their communities, and concluding of course that Archbishop Byrnes encouraged this situation. (which he did not) To put it lightly this does not help the Chancery one bit. Again, this type of situation, is what gave the Neos their first opportunity years ago, seeing that these priests did not learn from our past mistakes, is disheartening at best. Specially to the countless people that gave time and effort, and in some cases treasure, to defend them and try to give our Church a second chance. Lets pray that they shall see the foolishness of their ways. I would encourage every reader to give them a piece of your mind if and when you meet them, to let them know how we feel. I know I do.

Here we have a situation where a few individuals who should work for the common good, have let their personal Egos get in the way. The Neos just need to count the points, and make hay about it.
This is an example of what most people call "shooting yourself in the foot"

Tomorrow I shall look at the next two issues, and see how that affects us.


  1. The neo membership must be starting to see the real spirit that drives the NCW!

    1. Hello Anon at 11.15, one would think they would, but they are well trained by the cadre of the Neos. I shall address this in the spin, spin, spin section.

    2. Dear friends, distinguish between us ordinary members (as I was), who are suffering Stockholm Syndrome (read Judith Herman), and the itinerants and “responsibles” who don’t truly speak for us.

      Kiko’s more spiritual side of things which is under-mentored and under-matured, and in the matter of “ugharists” has strayed into disobedience, is uneasily combined with the meddling and manipulating of the international and national teams.

      Looking back to when I and my acquaintances joined, an indefinable something seemed to be missing from the church so we felt we had to join something.

      Some individuals tried to publicly shame us, driving us into the arms of the itinerants. This is the pincer movement or Gramscite dialectic the itinerants hope for. They had already stolen the affections of us their subalterns, “affections” being a buzz word incidentally.

      Please pray extra hard for your and my diocesan leaderships for sagacity, also for protection for everybody. Give the ordinary members time and space to discover their God-give wills. If we try and impose our timing or methods it won’t work.

    3. Thank you Austin, for this eloquent intervention. Be assured that we always have made that differentiation. The frustration sometimes taking shape in this blog, are not targeted at the day to day member of the NCW, but rather at the manipulators, the liars and the destroyers among the itinerants and responsibles that you do mention.
      Thank you again for your insight.

  2. What, a NEO center on Guam shaped like a certain space ship building in Porto Giorgio and Tamuning? Ridiculous.


    1. LMAO, looks like someone is loosing his marbles. Peace!

  4. I'm curious to know who advises the Archbishop when it comes to pastor/priest assignments. Does he look at the needs of the parish or the preferences of the priest or how long the priest has been assigned to a parish? I was one of the few who was very happy with Father Paul at the ACB and was very sad to see him go. I am sure he was relieved to leave our parish towards the end as there are some powerful and well-entrenched groups of ministers and parishioners that are very loyal to Msgr. James. Don't get me wrong; I like Msgr. James and was very angry when he was ousted and the Archie brought in or empowered his established NEO cronies. I even left my home parish for awhile and sought refuge elsewhere in other churches (mostly Capuchin ones) and joined the weekly protests.
    I am not aware of the egos or ambitions of the priests you mentioned as most of us are not privy to the information you have but I would hope that the new assignments are a good fit for all of us as we try to recover, reconcile and rebuild our one Catholic community of Guam.

    1. Dear F. you are touching on a couple of important issues.
      One is of a long established, and unwritten rule at the ACB, and the Village of Agana itself. If I was an anthropologist, I would digress and could track it back to the first appearance of the Spaniards and their reliance on an elite class of Chamorro leaders who had the long established habit of discrimination against the "lesser" class of Chamorro. For as long as I have visited Guam, that social ambivalence has always struck me.
      That twisted form of elitism is particularly present at the ACB.
      Msg James was always apt at navigating this courtisan like atmosphere, which can be toxic, as demonstrated by Apuron himself.
      As I have written often, the Archbishop has to rely on his local priests to steer through these dangerous reefs.
      In assigning priests on Guam, there was no other system, beside the one of personal preference and patronage. (which Apuron used to his advantage throughout his career) Flattery, and alliances were what got you an assignment or another.
      Archbishop Byrnes has had to reinvent the wheel if you wish, and bring in practices of management that are new and shocking for some here.
      He met with all his priests, neos included.
      He tried to figure out what their wishes and their capacities were.
      He then studied the different challenges of each parish.
      Unfortunately he had to rely on people who at times are very partisan.
      He also introduced something quite novel here: the assignment with a time limit. (which is common practice elsewhere) If you look at the Aviso which is to take effect next Monday, you will notice a time frame on many of the assignments. (it is usually six years)
      I hope that most assignment will be beneficial for all. I know that some will be challenging.
      We also are aware of the "resistance" of the Neos which has not been addressed (so far).
      Therefore you should be watchful about what is going on around you.
      As a parishioner at ACB, I know I shall.

  5. Spreading the hate now Frenchie just like Tim Rohr watch out look what happened to Timmy

    1. LOL!! We had not had one of those in quite a while.
      The courageous anonymous threat giver.
      I am fully aware of the details of the extent some particular individuals went to, to attempt to destroy Tim's family.
      Nothing to brag about for any honest individual, except for the spawn of Satan.
      I also understand that for some feeble minds, shining the light on the evil doing of a few, is hate.
      I guess you feel vindicated that you are being "persecuted"
      Then again delusion is a common affliction of sect members.

  6. Don’t the hierarchy and the NCW members notice or worry about the neo catechists never genuflecting in front of the tabernacle in a church. What is that all about? Religious pride!

    1. Good morning anon at 3.26, it is an interesting observation. I understand the Hierarchy has noticed this and other issues with the catechists of the neos. Then again, do not forget that they do not believe in the Eucharist.
      As far as the NCW members, most of them are so confused, that I do believe, they do not notice anything any longer. (except for a few, that are still too conflicted to do or say anything about it)
      The Hierarchy itself is quite conflicted on its approach to these issues. On one side you have people that believe in being pastoral and educating, on the other side you have the radicals.

      The end result is a disheartening lack of action, which benefits the leaders of the NCW

    2. Actually Anonymous 6/29 at 3:26 AM from my own observation the failure to genuflect in front of the tabernacle is not limited to NCW members. There are so many "regular Catholics" (including non-NCW clergy) who don't genuflect or even bow. That's sad.

  7. An unthought out "total eucharist" line with insufficient attention to what constitutes Holy Spirit powered Christian living, Christian dynamics and Christian boundaries (which are another important area the NCW doctrine neglects), has contributed towards generally mixed messages leading to markedly reduced participation (in many localities) which ought to alarm more than slight declines in attendance. Leaders of this particular high demand movement aren't the only ones who, each in different ways, don't quite know how to, or prefer not to, pin down the meaning of eucharist. Albeit relatively few go out of their way to diverge from laid-down practice. I waited years for the movement to catch up and get itself right.

    1. Hello Austin, you are very correct. I am afraid, that you might have to wait, way longer, that you anticipated. Courage!

  8. Thank you so much Frenchie for your kind wish of corraggio!

    Another perilous area of commonplace "doctrine" is that if I am not about to be married or become a sworn brother or religious or clergy, I don't have a "vocation", and then the hierarchy regards the "way" as a nice "consolation prize" for people like me, whom the itinerants promise to "insert" in the church!