Friday, July 13, 2018


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An old philosophy professor of mine, used to joke that death was the great equalizer between rich and poor, meek and powerful.
He did not like the fact that I corrected him, in telling him that death on earth was just a passage on the way to eternal life. A form of temporary sleep. (he was a non-believer)
I even pushed the challenge, by telling him, how on that passage, not everyone had the same send off party, even though, ultimately he was right in saying it was a great equalizer.

This week, we buried an old mentor of mine Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, who left us after a long struggle with Parkinson disease. (see my article from last week)

Yesterday, he was led to rest back in Rome, and shall be buried at the Basilica of St Apollinare.

Those of you who read my post from last week, will remember that I noted that he had been a great supporter of the Catholic Faithful on Guam.
While his actions were very discreet, he certainly allowed for our struggle to remain at the forefront of the agenda at the Vatican.

Some organizations are very good at spinning non events, or events of narrow consequences to the forefront for their own benefit, and/or agenda. It is good to see that people that work tirelessly, often without being recognized, are in fact very appreciated by the people that do count, in reality.

Cardinal Tauran (click here)
 Was sent off, with all the love and respect that he deserved. Guam Catholics should know that he was for a while their silent guardian angel.

That is the reality, few knew, that made the difference with the spin.


Special Note: if you want to see the funeral: Funeral    
Click on the link.  


  1. «[Giuseppe Gennarini] prefers to think of Jews, not as an “elder brother,” as some Christians say, but as a “parent,” because in the Bible “there were so often difficulties between brothers, such as with Esau and Jacob, and Joseph and his brothers. So we say, not brothers, but you are our parent, our father in the faith.”»

    (Times of Israel, May 1, 2012; link:

    1. What does that have to do with the subject at hand? Perhaps you posted on the wrong forum....
      Anyway thank you for confirming the strange relation between the Neo leaders and Judaism.