Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.
(Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune)
Following on the heels of the scathing Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced she was contacting the six dioceses of the Catholic Church in Illinois requesting to review all records relating to sexual assault and abuse.

Madigan, by the way, is the sister-in-law of our own Archbishop Michael Byrnes.   Church Militant reports:
"Madigan is married to Pat Byrnes, brother to Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Michael Byrnes, sent to Guam to replace Abp. Anthony Apuron, who was removed in 2016 over allegations of homosexual assault of altar boys."


  1. I already see the NCW spinning the relationship between the archbishop Byrnes and his AG sister in law. Lol. Diana is such an idiot.

  2. Diana is such a spin doctor. Now she's preaching there's a coup against the pope. God almighty what will she spin next? An attack on one priest is an attaxk on the church. It's so fitting of the NCW since they found that the church has a lot of money for their communities to bathe in and claim. Why destroy the church when they've been benefitting financially from the church? But I guess the kikos are so blind at the preaching of their little community leaders. Brainwashed!!!

  3. well anon at 1.55 and 2.02: what did you expect from that trash site? It has been designed to spin and lie counter fires, when the truth is getting a little too close for comfort.
    Remember? that is exactly what they did, when this site, then the local, then the national and international medias started revealing the ugly truth about Apuron.
    It is when they embarked in a campaign of lies against this site, then started to put in place a sick plot to attack and destroy the founder of this blog.
    These people will do anything to continue to extend their power.
    Look at what they did here on Guam. Once they realized that they were going to loose their straw men Apuron, Pius and Cristobal; while they realized they could not move Archbishop Byrnes through intimidation: what did they do?
    Their protector Filoni (who is one of the key in the Mc Carrick coverup)started planning to open a new seminary in Japan, then they embarked in a campaign of denigration against Byrnes in their Media, then they spin, spin and spin a little more.
    The final nail in the coffin is their strategy to gain access to political power through their girl in the Senate, and with the Lou and Josh campaign.
    Since Lou control the BoG, and many real estate buildings the government uses, plus they just acquired the pension fund for the Gov Guam employees. You can see how much sway they shall have on Guam.
    The Calvo family machine is peanuts compare to this.
    In more ways than one, they embody the definition of corruption at all levels.

    1. Candidate for Senator Cil Babauta is an active NEO member. He is brother to Ivan Babauta, NEO catechist and right hand man to Msr. David Quitugua. There is no doubt they are attempting to get control via Govt. positions.

    2. Make sure you let all your family members and your friends know.
      Hopefully I shall do another piece on that subject soon.

  4. Spin? What a bunch of hypocrites.

    1. What did you expect? It was a given from the get go.