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The Vatican is under attack from multiple sides. Everyone has an agenda to push forward.
It is becoming very confusing for the average Catholic to figure out what is really going on.

The catalyst for this whole mess has been the ever developing scandal of former Cardinal Mc Carrick.

Most of us understand, or at least perceive that there is a lot more at stake that the future of an already very old former Cardinal.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen many actors of the Catholic Church in the US trying to either cover their backside, or take advantage of the issue.

At first the concert of Bishops who came forward, was all on the same tune.

Basically we were told, that everyone was surprised and chocked by these revelations.

Then we found out that, like here on Guam with Apuron, everyone knew, but everybody kept quiet.

The modernist wing of the Church, came forward demanding clarity and openness .
The conservative side came out swinging against the gay cabal inside the Church.

The battle lines were drawn, every side tried to spin the story to their advantage, while the neos kept very quiet in their corner, not wanting to draw attention to their coverups.

I have written several times about how Cardinal Sean O'Malley was trying to take the lead on this story, and make it appear that he was the person of reference to fight this evil in our midst.
(ironic no?)

This Sunday, things accelerated tremendously with the revelations of Archbishop Vigano.
In an 11 pages document Vigano reveals many things regarding the Mc Carrick scandal and the coverup that ensued. This was revealed by well known Italian reporter for the National Television channel: Aldo Maria Valli

Archbishop Vigano the whistleblower

Since then Archbishop Vigano, has felt it more secure to retire to a safe place.
Barely a few hours had passed, before modernist advocates and defenders of Francis started an offensive against Vigano, assailing his character and denouncing a coup d'Etat against Francis.
The same crowd demanded that the USCCB support Francis clearly.
The secular press soon joined in on both side of the argument.
CNN, who loves a conspiracy when it fits its agenda joining with the attempted coup crowd.

Instead of falling in place behind the Pope, several notable personalities came to the defense of Archbishop Vigano, including one of his former assistant now retired from the diplomatic corp: Msgr Jean-Francois Lantheaume, who refused to comment about the statement from his old boss
 beside a resounding :" Archbishop Vigano told the truth"

In the meantime the USCCB requested that Pope Francis come up with a clear answer to the sequence of events.

Since then Cardinals Wuerl and Farell have felt the weight of  great pressure to reveal the whole story, which they have so far felled to do.
Farell having been Mc Carrick confident and roomate for a 6 years period, is in a particularly precarious position.

The conservative  Daily Wire published even more details, and one of its columnist: Matt Walsh even went so far as demanding Pope Francis resignation.
For us on Guam, a particular important piece of information was that Filoni was part of the coverup for Mc Carrick. That in itself is very important to the connection with the neos. 
One of the positive notes for Guam, is that while under pressure to answer frankly about the developing sexual scandals, we learned from Pope Francis himself, that he was handling the appeal of Apuron, which had strangely never appeared on the agenda of the congregation for the propagation of faith. That is new and earth shattering. 

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  1. 1. Francis wasn't distancing himself from Vigano's letter - he asked us to read where the finger points at Sodano, Bertone, Parolin, Filoni and Ouellet.

    2. Vigano's replacement expects to be encased in concrete. We need to pray for nuncios and all the many good bishops everywhere who probably get non stop bloodcurdling threats from the Vatican as much as or more than elsewhere. Three more Glory Bes said.

    3. We have got to not forget that popes are figureheads and that their arms have seen (for nigh on 2,000 years) as there to be twisted.

    4. This battle was lost in the 1970s, paradoxically when the Vatican started extending while weakening the meaning of "a" homosexual. My itinerants told us an eminent personality is one which I think he isn't exactly. (Apart from the fact of whether they had his permission to talk about him.) An "incubus" in fact embodied sexual obsession and a policy of grooming and of privileging those colleagues susceptible of joining in these things. Abuse of position has been directed against other men of all ages, as well as boys, and rather a lot of girls, and if I had been Vigano I would have focussed this wording more clearly, not at all altering the truth of his letter. Some "thing" has got to have an "orientation", i.e emotional and mental obsession.