Saturday, September 1, 2018


Pope Francis attends a meeting with faithful of the diocese of Rome
at Saint John Lateran Basilica in Rome, Italy, in a May 14, 2018 file photo.
Let's assume for a minute that Archbishop Viganó's most significant allegations are false.  In other words:
  1. Pope Benedict did NOT impose any sanctions on Cardinal McCarrick, and
  2. Archbishop Viganó NEVER told Pope Francis about Cardinal McCarrick's heinous misdeeds.
Well, then, if that's the case, why wouldn't Pope Benedict, for the sake of the unity of the Church if for no other reason, exonerate Pope Francis with a short, simple public statement?  And why wouldn't Pope Francis assert, just as simply, that Archbishop Viganó never told him about McCarrick's misdeeds?  Two holy men would be telling the truth for the sake of the Church.  It seems so simple.

But no, both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have nothing to say about the matter, the faithful are left wondering why, and the Church is left lurching dangerously close to schism.

That's if Archbishop Viganó's allegations are false. But they ring true, and if they are, we can only assume that Pope Francis is silent to avoid being caught in a lie.


  1. Did Vigano come under the influence of lodge P2 while at the Vatican bank?

    1. Ah! we have not had one of these leading questions in quite a while.
      The type of question, that already leads you toward the answer desired.

      Lodge P2 is a whole program in itself. P2 stands for propaganda due.
      It is the only lodge in Italy that has been officially discontinued by the Masons themselves, because: "it had been infiltrated by industrialists and finance agents"
      I shall not go any further, on that path. This is what fiction writers dream about, from the Godfather to the DaVinci code.

      On the other hand, you try to link Archbishop Vigano with the Vatican Bank. The archbishop was never on post at the Vatican Bank. He was the Administrator of the Vatican city, where he attempted to clean up the corruption, and wrote a secret 300 pages memo to Pope Benedict, about the issues most pressing there.
      This lead to the famous Vatican leaks. (By whom, why, etc...)
      Ultimately a series of move by the Vatican princes led to Benedict's resignation.
      Much has been written on this, mostly political spinning by the modernist wing, who ultimately elected Francis.
      All avenues lead to Vigano, wanting to clean the slate and denouncing "the evil rising through the cracks" (Paul VI)
      No "propaganda due" necessary for this, in fact he would be its antithesis.

  2. Underlings always try to defend their own misconduct by pretending to defend their superior. Francis parrots the last thing he was told and one only needs to whisper "being thrown out of aeroplanes" to press his buttons. He is sentimental about communion (smarties) and rather clericalist himself (and I like him in all other respects). He is not their boss but their clerk and hasn't resigned yet because he is delaying the arrival of whatever or whoever is next. We who have already done our research about the accused cardinals see that Vigano is a meticulous stickler and the rest of them are meticulously devious corner cutters. Vigano may not have taken work home with him from the time he was in post. It's disservice by purported journalists not to admit, and educate the public in, these realities.

  3. Such a question suggests he did.