Sunday, August 26, 2018


Pope Benedict is said to have ordered Cardinal McCarrick to leave the Neocatechumenal Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Washington, DC, where he was living.
From the National Catholic Register, August 25, 2018:

Archbishop Carlo Vigano 
(Edward Pentin photo)
Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse

In a written testimony, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò claims Pope Francis withdrew sanctions against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.

Edward Pentin

In an extraordinary 11-page written testament, a former apostolic nuncio to the United States has accused several senior prelates of complicity in covering up Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s allegations of sexual abuse, and has claimed that Pope Francis knew about sanctions imposed on then-Cardinal McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI but chose to repeal them. Read more.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano's full testimony may be found here.

From the Catholic News Agency, August 25, 2018:

Wuerl denies he was informed of Vatican restrictions on McCarrick

by JD Flynn

Washington D.C., Aug 25, 2018 / 10:01 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington has denied a report that he was informed about restrictions apparently placed by the Vatican upon his predecessor, Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.

“Cardinal Wuerl did not receive documentation or information from the Holy See specific to Cardinal McCarrick’s behavior or any of the prohibitions on his life and ministry suggested by Archbishop Vigano,” the cardinal’s spokesman, Ed McFadden, told CNA.

On Aug. 25, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, apostolic nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016, released a “testimony,” alleging that in 2009 or 2010, after receiving reports of habitual sexual misconduct on the part of McCarrick, Pope Benedict XVI had ordered that “the Cardinal was to leave the seminary where he was living, he was forbidden to celebrate [Mass] in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, to travel, with the obligation of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance.”

Vigano wrote it was “absolutely unthinkable” that Archbishop Pietro Sambi, nuncio at the time the restrictions were imposed, would not have informed Wuerl about the restrictions placed upon McCarrick, who was, according to DC sources, living at that time in Washington's Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  Read more.


  1. It sure appears, that slowly, ever so slowly, the veil of secrecy on the corruption and compromise left in the wake of Mc Carrick, Wuerl, O'Malley, Cupich, Filoni and so many others,is being lifted. Now the question and the interesting thing is to see how they all twist in the wind, trying to do damage control. Francis seems to have a lot to answer for. Gennarini looks more and more like a pimp for Cardinals who support him.....This could become even more scandalous that it appears.
    The Japanese Bishop must do all what they can to stop the edict of Filoni to reopen a RMS in Japan, against their will, now that the stench of sexual corruption is definitely linked to it.

  2. I can tell you Cardinal Felony's ultimate plan. He will make Cardinal Mccarrick Rector Magnificate of RMS Asia. Apurun will be rector. And all the seminarians will be boy toys for these two sick prelates, and all the traveling professors looking for fresh meat. Sorry to be so graphic, but until we face the vile nature of these people, no one will be able to stop them.

  3. I took the time to read the entire document from Archbishop Vigano last night. Holy $#!+. The filth and corruption of some of our Church's highest servants is unbelievable. Their actions and inactions are more vile than anything you have ever flushed down the latrine.

    The list of all the involved parties is like a Who's Who for the NCW. All the bishops and cardinals that Kiko has purchased from his RICO organization really shows. These top prelates have been corrupted and need to go. Now is the time for a huge purge in the Vatican, people are ready to see a true shift in direction.

    Please don't get me wrong. Not all cardinals and bishops are bad. In fact, the Church organization is so huge, the the number of corrupted leaders is relatively small. The problem is their influence. That nasty, "old boys club" seems to have been very successful in getting the worst of the worst elevated to high positions in Rome.

    And there is a huge homosexual club that seems to promote within itself. So we have vulnerable priests elevated to positions of great power simply because they are willing to "play ball" with the leadership. Something drastic needs to be done, but it is beyond my imagination to even conceive how or where to start.

    I read another article supporting the allegation of a gay faction in Rome. Read it yourself, and see with me that it is all tied together.

    Give a read of these and you will be disgusted, but at least educated in the problem.

    Like the reading from this last weekend, "As for me and my family, we choose to follow the Lord." If Archbishop Vigano is correct in all his allegations, then I pray that Pope Francis will have the heart to do the right thing. And that would be to relieve all those involved in the sex abuse and cover up, and once that is done to resign himself. Once all those corrupted Cardinals have their red caps removed, maybe the remaining can elect a strong and orthodox man to lead our Church into a tough road of purification.