Thursday, October 4, 2018


Posted by Frenchie

A full two years after his hurried escape from Guam, Apuron's shadow has diminished at least in the Catholic Church, even if the Neos are still very present, albeit in a less opened approach.
The consequences of his actions are still very much part of the local picture.

One area his presence is still very much felt, because of the profound impact of his corruption, is the political arena. 

While for many, he is already a thing of the past, following the old "out of sight, out of mind" rule, it is easy to find the remnant of his 30 years reign on Guam.

Even then, we might not be totally rid of him for sure, as I exposed in my post last week.

Part of Apuron long term legacy is of course, the presence on Guam of the Neos.
I have shown previously, that despite their setbacks at the Archdiocese level, they have taken a lower profile, but continued their expansion.
In the Church, they continue to be very present, thanks to the new Vicar General, who still continues to play both side of the fence, (appointing more neos to more parishes).
Their new Neocatecumenate center in Asan (where the old WWII museum was) is up and running, giving them a lot more flexibility for meetings, and assuring a better control on their troops.

Their major move is still not in the Church, at this time on Guam.
Their goal is the conquest of political power.

The biggest Apuron's Legacy on the Political Scene
comes under the guise of a Governor's Candidate.

The extremely powerful head of the Bank of Guam, has successfully won over her fellow democrats running for Governor for this coming November Election.

The fact that the Republican candidate is a very damaged good himself, makes it very likely that she might win the gold medal in that race.

When you go around the island, and talk with people at random, you often hear people tell you that they like Lou and her running mate Josh. 

"They are nice people"

Guamanians have a long history of giving people the benefit of the doubt.
This is what has given Guam, its reputation as a friendly and welcoming place.

Unfortunately this is often how some people with bad intentions, have ended up abusing that good will.

Apuron has had a long and well documented (if sometimes rocky) relationship with the Bank of Guam and its President.

Loans were given, favors were exchanged (both ways)

One thing for sure, is that Lou has never hidden her political ambition, starting when she was a Senator.

She used her promotion of "women choice" that awful euphemism, which justify the choice of a mother to kill her own child. A barbaric practice if ever, which goes completely against all Catholic teachings on defending the lives of the defenseless.

There is no doubt that Apuron had a tit for tat, agreement with Lou.

(After all where did he get refuge, after he ran away, if not with a BOG relation)

On one side Apuron pretended to defend the unborn, while allowing Lou to run her campaign, for abortion, and never opposed her as a Senate candidate.

Never did Apuron refused to allow Lou to access all the sacraments of the Church. Just like some of his left wing buddies on the mainland, who continue to allow pro abortion  Catholic political hacks to have access to the sacraments.

Now some might worry about the fact that the head of a Bank which own over $800 millions of Guam's government obligations, which also just purchased the Guam retirement's fund for State employees, would end up with way too much sway over the affairs of State. That would be understandable, but that would mean that the local journalists would have to do their job.

Unfortunately for us, the local journalists and other talking heads around the island (both radio and TV) are not much better than their mainland counterpart.

They would not want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Beside a few soft questions here and there, no one will ask the tough ones.

It is as if Apuron never left, and his code of silence was still here.

Not one of them approached the issue of abortion, or the financial control of so many government related dossiers. Is she going to recuse herself if she is elected Governor, in regards to any financial dossier where her Bank is involved?

Worse, the Bank of Guam became a stronghold for the Neos. Several of their key operatives have key positions at the BOG, as well as in Lou's campaign. That should raise some strong alarm bells, yet it is dead silence.

We have seen the caustic influence the Neos had on Apuron. Was this a preview on their coming influence on the possible next Governor?

So many questions that neither of the local pundits have had the courage to ask.
Perhaps it is time someone starts talking about it.

Catholics beware! You are being sold a rotten deal


  1. It's a sad election year for Guam. Bank of Guam stands to gain the most if Lou wins. On the other hand Ray may be innocent until proven guilty but already is being afforded leeway by being able to just "phone in" to the probation office once a month.

    So Ray's example of a teaching moment sets precidence that if any good law abiding citizen sees an officer of the law with an unsecured weapon, we can just grab it and show it to the officers face and not get arrested or taken down? Such a great example if that's the kind of leader we want leading guam.

    1. Dear anon at 7.51, yes it is most likely that if Lou wins, BOG and the Leon Guerrero family will be benefiting in ways unseen so far on Guam.
      It will raise Guam to the level of a Banana Republic. This should please the little cabal of the UOG cadre of left wing "professors"; but will only bring more heartache to Guamanians.
      As for Ray, what else can be said about the lack of credibility of the poor man? Every time you turn around, he messes up something else. Like Senator Klitzkie said, he is the gift that keeps on giving.
      The gun incident is the tip of the iceberg.
      My point was and continues to be that WE as Catholic, need to blaze the trail of good governance and apply our values when we vote, as well as when we deal with people in power. We should not cover in our corner in exchange for a few crumbs, like Apuron did.
      Certainly we should not follow the trail of the NCW, which does anything and everything to reach the halls of power.
      There is a lot more to life beside power.
      We have been warned about this: "power corrupts completely"

      People cannot say they have not been warned.
      We have a terrible choice to make, none of them is good.
      It is a choice between the plague and cancer.

    2. We can write in aguon/limtiaco

    3. correct anon at 12.59, except that Limtiaco is sending mixed signals

  2. On the feast day of St Faustina let’s pray that all those who seek mercy with a humble & contrite heart will receive it. Like St Peter may those who publicly admit their offence & seek to change be accepted back into communion. And may the Church have the wisdom and mercy not to lead them back into temptation! ie come out with the truth, convert & move somewhere safe-perhaps for a life of penance and prayer!