Sunday, October 7, 2018


"The Vatican source, however, told America that the organizers “should have known better” than to invite Archbishop Apuron, given that a Vatican Tribunal had found him guilty of some of the accusations against him. “With friends such as these, the pope has no need of enemies,” the source remarked."

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  1. Good to see you back Tim. We have been praying for you. The Devil formed a covenant with Eve who presumed to speak with him when God had spoken to Adam and not her. I know you love the Church and that you are indignant about her sins as we all are. You are being used by God to bring these things in to the light as part of the purification the Church needs. The Devil is opposing you and making covenants to try and destroy you. Be strong! Love your enemies but expose their sins! If you get the chance have a look at this video. This guy would get my vote for Pope!