Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Richard Nixon historical declaration: "I am not a crook" after he was caught covering up for illegal activities, has found a delayed echo in the Marianas, with Lou Leon Guerrero: " I did not lie" declaration, following the accusations by the Aguon team, that they had the evidence regarding the attack ads and social media hit pieces they have been victims of, came from the Leon Guerrero campaign.

Of course NOBODY in the local media is talking about the 800lb gorilla in the room.

The Lou Leon Guerrero campaign cadre of the NCW
Every Catholic on this island is aware of the nasty tricks, lies, deception and falsehoods the Neocats are able to put out.
We have seen the level of venom, the vileness and gross disregard for the truth these cult followers are able to produce, in their quest for power.


That trio  of corrupt leaders, (two of whom are on the run) stopped at nothing,. They left us such a trail of destruction, and bad feelings, that we should be forewarned about the potential disaster their students might bring to Gov Guam.

A tell tale that they are totally involved in the attacks on Aguon is the piece they ran accusing Aguon, to have sponsored the victim sexual assault bill, to benefit financially an unnamed lawyer, who in turn would have paid him a fee.
Then they accused Aguon of destroying the Church.

This particular piece is straight out of the Putrid Pius playbook, eagerly relayed and published by the sexual abuser Adrian Cristobal.

For LLG to claim she did not lie, in this case is pretty pathetic.
This has all the markings of her team of Neocats. 
The fact that she went on the show of the sister of her press manager, tells us all what we need.
What we have here is the left hand pretending not to know what the right hand is doing.

At least Nixon had the decency to resign in the end.

For the biggest apologist of the murder of thousands of brown babies,(on Guam) under the guise of medical practice, it is unquestionable to quit at this stage.
Despite the mounting evidence against her team she is moving forward.

Are more dirty tricks to be expected from the LLG team?

When you know who her inspiring model is

I think the bets are off.

If you are deeply Catholic, and feel the murder of innocent children is unacceptable.
If you are deeply Catholic, and cannot approve of the Cult like Neo movement.

The choice is clear.


  1. Hey what ever happened to David? And how is it that difficult to find that "running priest"? Lol why not just excommunicate him for abandoning his assignment here in guam?

    1. David is officially "off island", which is the new euphemism by the chancery for the Neos that do not want to be here.
      Cristobal is also "off island", last seen hiding with the neos on the east coast.
      Pius is traveling between Malta and Ontario ( at least officialy) while continuing to write and disseminate his vitriol in selected communities.

  2. You idiot "Frenchie"

  3. No heart for the unborn. Lou says it does not reflect her values. Yet, she ticks off with ease the hundreds of cases of child molestation, rape, violence and domestic abuse - and tries to blame Ray Tenorio for those soaring rates of incidence because he supports protecting life in the womb. (I know, the logic is beyond's as twisted as LUcifer's tongue).
    Truth is, if life in the womb is so unimportant to her, then how can we expect her and people like her to understand truly, WHY there is such violence and abuse against the children and vulnerable in our community? The root cause of all of this rising wickedness is directly connected to their devaluing of life and morals at the very beginning of life...they have cut their roots to true love and the morals and values of Faith, and thus cannot be expected to understand the problems our society faces - and subsequently will lack the vision, compassion and understanding to find proper solutions.

  4. Thank you "Frenchie" at 8:42PM