Saturday, October 20, 2018


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Sycophant extraordinaire, wannabe journalist, and brown noser to the rich and famous,
Jeffrey Marchesseault, of PNC News firts, did not miss the opportunity to prove that when it came down to fake journalism, Guam had nothing to envy the Mainland.

In his column of Tuesday October 16, titled "Broadching and Bridging the Abortion Divide"; our local candidate for the best platitudes in journalism, did a fantastic job, demonstrating how low people of the fourth estate can stoop to, when their career ambitions inspire them to defend untenable positions.

I think the level of disinformation and fake balance of that particular piece, was an amazing demonstration of the elasticity of journalism, when it comes to describe the mental split necessary to achieve, in order to bridge fiction with reality.

Lets be sure that the LOU & Josh campaign cadre will have appreciated his emulation of the best plagiarism of a Neocat's speech.

I think it is too bad that LOU already had recruited a member of the Arroyo clan:
Therese Arroyo Mantanane of KOLG's fame to fill in the post of press secretary.
Monsignor Bibi should be very proud of his nieces.
Way to go girls!!!

I guess the coconut does not fall far from the coconut tree.

Therese should still watch her back,Mr Marchesseault could give her a run for the title, in a Leon Guerrero's administration.
I understand the whole package would be better than either at PNC News first or at KOLG.

In the meantime the Director of communication, of the Archdiocese: Mr Diaz, was glad to let us know,  that Pale Mike would assume "the temporary post of General Manager" at KOLG. By now Pale Mike has so many feathers to his hat, that people might think, it is a costume for the Carnaval in Rio. No question that Edivaldo would mind showing Pale Mike his own country.
 The official statement was so murky, that one could honestly think that Mr Diaz was still working for the fugitive Adrian Cristobal.
 Oh well! most people almost had forgotten about poor Adrian. If the journalists are interested, perhaps they should ask LOU to question her advisors, on where the Neocats are hiding Adrian?
Rumor has it that Mc Carrick's pad, at the RMS Maryland is actually open for new occupancy. 

Unlike in the iconic film Casablanca, where the police chief demands that his men round up 
"All the usual suspects"
I don't think it shall be necessary, it appears they are all already assembled.

Like the same police chief would have said
"I am shocked! shocked!" 

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