Saturday, January 19, 2019

PDN: Concerned Catholics hopes Apuron sentence will be upheld


  1. I am praying that he will be permanently removed and his title be revoked and I hope it will happen soon.

  2. Immaculate Heart of Mary-Thank you !Our Lady of Success-Thank you! Pope Francis-Thank you!
    The unravelling of the predatory network and the purification of the Church has begun. May all those who conspire to pollute the Church, who project themselves as angels of light, be exposed like Cardinal McCarrick. May the Lord have mercy on those who repent and save themselves from being burnt like Moths around a candle.
    Thank you for the example of good and humble men like Abbott Martin Shipperlee who has resigned in the face of his ignorance of the abuse that was happening in his Abbey. May others follow his example and accept their own failures.
    Thank you for exposing the true nature and fruit of the organisations that shelter, protect and enfranchise people like AB Apuron and Cdl McCarrick. These organisations project themselves as fruits of the Holy Spirit while they secretly and unbeknown to most of their members, empower the predators they harbour.
    Thank you all the brave people who have stood up to the Devil. ALL the genuine clergy starting with AB Vigano: All the genuine people who have been abused: All the journalists who have fought for the truth; Those at the Boston Globe, Michael Voris at Church Militant, Catherine Deveney (UK Guardian) and many others: All those helping Tim Rohr on JW: All those heterosexual men who have been thrown out of seminaries for rejecting homosexual advances!
    Now is the time to say GOODBYE. All good members of the NCW having had your eyes opened-say GOODBYE-Not in my name!
    All good and holy clergy-If you are genuine-repent of your sins. If you cannot fulfil your responsibilities-say GOODBYE!
    All VGs, Rectors of seminaries if you cannot support your bishop take courage and do the right thing even if you get crucified-better to die as a Christian and to say GOODBYE than to remain as a two faced coward!
    The unravelling has begun. The spiritual battle for the Church has begun.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary intercede for the meeting of bishops in Rome next week.