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The March for life happens all around the world on and around the 18th of January to mark the calamitous SCOTUS decision of Roe Vs Wade, which legalized the murder of unborn children in the USA.

Since that Historic day, close to 50 millions babies have been murdered by their mother in the USA alone.

This past Friday in Agatna, several hundreds faithful gathered to mark this sad anniversary.
Here on Guam, our new Archbishop, Michael Jude Byrnes started the event with strong words of encouragement and a call for men to face their responsibilities.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, our Capital, large crowds gathered to express their opposition to this Eugenist practice.
As always there were counter demonstrators of all sorts.
The usual suspects if you wish.

Coalitions of women's rights (even though this year, there were competing  groups that did not agree on the objectives and means)

The usual disgusting placards, using foul language, whose words are meant to shock .
The Mosaic of leftist subgroups, going from lesbians for choice, to Native Americans, and all other imaginable minorities in between.

Among them was a small group of black supremacists, who started insulting and berating a group of Catholic high-schoolers who had participated  in the march for life.
To make a long story short, after a long period of harassment by that disgusting group of hate mongers, a small group of Native Americans (here apparently for a demonstration of their own) injected themselves in the fray and became very rowdy and provoking.
While the students remained composed, the drive by media concluded that a group of white catholic boys (there were African Americans among the students, as well) had "harassed" an elderly Omaha leader, and in doing so demonstrated an obvious racial bias. Not ending there, the drive by media continued to feed the ugly lynch mob mentality on twitter and other platforms, against not only these poor kids, but also against the Catholic Church at large.

Unfortunately, this poorly sourced story, was amplified here on Guam by our local media, who decided to give it a local angle, with the fact that the revelations had been brought up by a former resident of Guam living in DC. (as if somehow that would make the accusations more believable)
From KUAM, to the Post, the PDN and several local blogs, the story of the obviously "racist white catholic teens" from Kentucky was amplified and propagated.
This led to a continuation of the lynching social media mob excesses here on our island, with the usual hate mongers of the identity politics advocates using this as a proof of the "toxicity" of the colonial attitude. (No, you are not dreaming)

This was bad, but unfortunately for us Catholic, the story is actually worse.
Let us look into this a little more in depth
While the teenagers in DC became the victims of  a social media lynching. The betrayal they had to go through would have been traumatic under any circumstances, but to make it even worse, their school as well as their own diocese instead of tempering the issue, while they investigated and gathered information in regards to the incident, decided instead to rush to judgement, apologize to the instigators and threatened the poor kids of disciplinary measures.

Further, the Archdioceses of Louisville and Baltimore added another layer of condemnation, as well as the sisters of Mercy, and the leadership of the March for life.

Catholic commentator Phil Lawler did a very good analysis of these despicable reactions.

When you know the history of coverup these three pontificating diocese have, in regards to sexual abuse, you cannot be but shocked by the reactions of these Catholic leaders.
Specially that this kind of betrayal is eerily similar to the one done by sexual abusers.

The desperate attempts by Catholic leadership to cow tow to the drive by Media, despite our knowledge of their profound disdain for our religion, is very revealing. I am not even talking of the self-appointed  giver of moral teaching, and SJW like John Gehring, Natalia Imperoti, Colleen Dulle or gadfly extraordinaire Fr James Martin SJ, who all piled it up pretty high, on the BS scale.

On Guam,certain bloggers known for not being too friendly to the Church, jumped on the lynch mob bandwagon, with insults and derogatory remarks.

It is interesting to note that this incident and the subsequent media onslaught took place while the Knights of Colombus hosted the Catholic Mens conference at Father Duenas.
At this conference, which I attended, over 100 fathers, some accompanied by their sons, listened to interesting speakers, including our own Archbishop, who stayed with us the whole day.
The main idea being for men to reclaim their sense of duty and leadership within our Church, and not be discouraged by the torrent of scandals that has plagued us for a few years now.

One thing that was not approached, was the historical discrimination the Catholic Church in the USA has faced since its inception, which is still skin deep in many circles.

While the tensions with the Evangelicals has subsided substantially over the last 
quarter of a century, strong anti-catholic feelings still manifest themselves.

Beside this Media lynching of the teenagers of Covington, the disturbing hearings in the Senate under the terribly biased questions of Senator Kamala Harris and Hirono, who openly attacked the Knights of Colombus reminds us the long litany of discrimination of Catholics in this country.

There is nothing new about Catholics being discriminated against or worse. Being Catholic is a constant battle against ourselves and against our ennemies.

One thing is certain, Christ called us to testify.
These young men, by their demeanor and their love showed more faith than their leadership.
This should rejoice us.

Being Catholic is not a walk in the park.
Often our leaders fail us, like they failed these kids. But we are all called to act as individuals in following the teaching of Christ.
Jesus himself warned us of the challenges we would face.

Nothing could be more clear at the beginning of this new year of 2019
We have been warned.
The pure of hearts are showing us the way .

Lets heed this warning, and steel our resolve.


  1. Glad to read a calm and well reasoned article. I had to unfollow one local blogger who just seemed to kind of lose his mind over this and is attacking everyone and calling everybody racist. He has been posting on parody FB pages of rhe school calling the students evil and some pretty horrible stuff. Clearly emotional at this point and unable to reason clearly. I appreciate this article and the links. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I clearly saw that as well. Ultimately, that kind of non rational, and highly partisan display of bias, will not bring good thing for that blogger. Name calling and hate does not paint you as a reasonable actor. Quite the contrary.
      Unless of course you can back it up by facts. Which we have always endeavor to do on the junglewatch, to the great distress of our enemies.

  2. I saw only the video as it circulated on FaceBook. I saw only one Native American man who beat a drum. He did not seem rowdy to me. Was there an expanded video demonstrating rowdiness? Where did you see the rowdiness?

    1. Happy New Year Mr Guile, there are at least 5 recordings that I am aware of. All of them show different time periods and angles. The best one actually last over 2 hours.
      Personally, I do not rely on facebook for these kinds of evidence, even if sometimes they have a few interesting things.
      Even Facebook is a lot like a broken clock. It happens to be right at least twice a day.
      The rowdiness is obvious on one of the tape that shows, first the disgusting behavior and the sewage slurs of that black supremacist group, who insult everyone around, including the Native Americans group. In that tape, you can clearly see in the background the Native Americans gathering, before they walk towards the teens in a confronting manner, some of them are rowdy and threatening. The "Elder" goes right up to the young man while beating his drum, while a couple of other individual use verbal taunts. At one time one of these individual who was filming, declare that he had enough for what they came for.
      I would encourage you to research it if you are interested.
      Have a great week.

    2. If this scene had had a policeman standing in front of a rapping black teenager with a hoody, how do you think it would have ended?

    3. Dear Frenchie,
      Why do you put elder in quotation marks above: "Elder"? Are you calling into question his legitimacy?

    4. The answer is in your question

  3. Sadly I see NY, led by Gov. CUOMO. ..A Catholic? about to pass a terrible abortion law.

    1. Correct, and not a peep from the leaders of the Church in New York except for the Bishop of Albany who wrote a courageous and well put together letter to the Governor.
      Again the lack of leadership from the Social justice branch of the Church is mind boggling.

    2. An update to this past statement. All the Bishops from New York state after a waiting period, which many judged too long, finally came up with a statement, in the form of an opened letter, criticizing Governor Cuomo's actions.
      Unfortunately, this is what many consider the minimum required.
      We are in a situation, where many of our Catholic leaders appear lukewarm in regards to calling, Catholic politicians to task.
      A strong dissenting voice being the most senior Cardinal in the USA, Cardinal Burke, who in a recent interview disagreed with Cardinal Nolan, by saying that the excomunication of Governor Cuomo and other Catholic politician would be justified, and in fact necessary for the saving of their respective souls.