Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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Last night, while I was writing about how some in the Vatican were trying to hide Apuron's crimes and the complicity of the NCW with Mc Carrick, I felt a little like St John the Baptist: preaching in the desert. A desert of people not caring about injustices.

Yet, as you would have it, early this morning, an article in "Crux Now" gave us some news from Rome.
The group: "Bishop Accountability" gives a list of five prelates, that they judge should be treated in the same manner as Mc Carrick.
Regarding Apuron they declared:
"There is a preponderance of evidence that he has inflicted incalculable harm"

Perhaps this new and strong advocacy for accountability, while the Bishops are meeting on the subject, will re-ignite the debate about our sinful leaders.

Let see what comes out of it.

How the media carries or not that important story, should tell us more on  Apuron ever being held responsible for his crimes. Or if we shall have to wait until litteraly : Kingdom comes.

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