Saturday, April 13, 2019


During an in-flight interview on August 26, 2018 from Dublin to Rome, Pope Francis, speaking of his decision to personally entertain Apuron's appeal, said: “It is a complicated case, on one hand, but not difficult because the evidence is clear.” 

Given all the trouble we had had in getting Rome to even take notice, all the bait and switch, the deflection, the denial, the threats of suits against those of us who spoke up, the pulling back the curtain on Cardinal Filoni's role in confounding our efforts, the very vague Sentence that left doubt about what Apuron was actually found guilty of, and Apuron's own threat to exonerate himself in the appeal by "discrediting the witnesses" (starting with me - or didn't you think I knew that), we had every reason to ask WHAT NEXT? when the Pope, in personally taking on Apuron's appeal, decided to bypass the tribunal and then characterized the case as both "not difficult" but "complicated."

And then there was the matter that Apuron had taken advantage of the vague Sentence (which stated only that he had been found guilty of "certain accusations") by inferring that the main accusations - sexual abuse of minors - was not among the "certain accusations," by saying upon submitting his appeal: "I am relieved that the tribunal dismissed the majority of the accusations against me."

For those of us who had been in this battle from the beginning, we knew exactly what was going on. 

Everything must be seen through the lens of the hierarchy of the Neocatechumenal Way. I am not speaking here of most people's personal experience of the NCW, I am speaking of the parasitical power bosses that run the NCW and use it as a Trojan horse in the Church to suck off power, money, and control. 

To understand just how parasitic and powerful these bad guys are, one has only to read the sordid history of how the NCW hierarchy finagled away the Yona Property, our local church's largest material asset, under the guise of establishing a seminary, and then hid the transaction for years. (For just a taste, read Certificate of Title Fiasco - wherein these operators were able to worm their way even into GovGuam - and The Ultimate Treachery - wherein they tried to pervert a Carmelite Superior.)

So when Pope Francis first said the he was going to bypass the Vatican tribunal process and personally hear Apuron's appeal, and then said that the case was both "not difficult" (because the "evidence is clear") but "complicated," we knew exactly what was going on: the same parasites were at work in Rome to save Apuron - NOT because they cared about Apuron, and not even because they cared about the NCW, but because they cared about their power.

To even begin to understand this mess, one must first understand that Apuron was the NCW's mascot bishop. Apuron was the only bishop in the world known to be one of the "brothers," i.e. just one other member of a Neocat "community." And we on Guam, beginning with Apuron's infamous public slamming of a Vatican directive in 2006 (and in particular his on-air challenge to the legitimate authority of a Cardinal-Prefect), were well aware that Apuron was OWNED by the Neocat power bosses, and that they, not the Pope, were his superiors. 

It is very clear that those bosses never thought things would go as far as they did. In the beginning it was just this noisome blog that wouldn't shut up. But in their attempt to shut down this blog, they made a big mistake. In fact, if anything or anyone can be directly credited with bringing Apuron down, it was the deluge of hateful, threatening, and mostly anonymous comments (nearly 70,000). These comments kept people around the world coming back to watch the war, and every log-on added another number to the page view counter. And every number on that counter was another thump of the "tell tale heart" buried beneath Apuron's chancery floor. 

As the page views climbed into the millions and the country counter began registering nearly every nation in the world, the press began to take notice, but more importantly, on the other side of the Pacific, a certain John Toves began to take notice. And John knew what we didn't: "THE AGAT BOYS." And I assume you know the story from there. All hell broke loose. 

In fact, Apuron foresaw what was going to happen. For decades, he had been quite sure that his secrets were secure. But this blog thing presented a problem he hadn't anticipated: people talking, or, more specifically, people talking anonymously (i.e. without consequences), and in a venue that the whole world could see. At some point, Apuron knew that it would only be a matter of time before the boys he had long since buried deep 'neath the dirt of his power, would wake from their sleep of shame and grief and begin to speak. And speak they did. 

This is why Apuron went to Rome in October of 2013 to try to shut me down. I still remember my amusement when I got that letter from Cardinal Edwin O'Brien, Grand Master of the Equestrian Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, threatening me to "desist" from going after Apuron. 

I found his letter amusing because first it was obvious that O'Brien hadn't written the letter himself. Second, it was laughably obvious that English was a second language for the writer of the letter (and O'Brien is an American). Third, it was just as obvious that O'Brien hadn't even read the letter or he would have corrected the grammatical errors. And fourth, it was very clear that Apuron or his people had approached O'Brien to shut me up because it is highly doubtful that a powerful Vatican Cardinal would spend his evenings drinking wine and reading JungleWatch - which at that time, had less than 50,000 views.

It wasn't until John Toves showed up that I began to put the pieces together. Apuron knew that the growing attention to this blog, and its venue for anonymous comments, would soon attract the attention of something he had long since suffocated in the dark cellar of his personal history, even if he (and he alone) could never completely shut out the dull thumping of those tell tale hearts. Thus, his run to Rome and his (and O'Brien's) attempt to bully me into silence. 

(BTW, the story gets even wilder when in the aftermath of the McCarrick thing, Archbishop Vigano names O'Brien in his August 2018 letter as one of the prelates caught up in the homosexual cabal that is running the Vatican. But I'm saving that story.)

Given just the few items mentioned in the foregoing, one can already get a feel for what the Pope meant when he said Apuron's case was "complicated." What was complicated for the Pope was not whether or not Apuron was guilty. The Pope had already said the "evidence is clear" on that matter. What was complicated was how he was going to navigate through the same sort of treachery that we have had to navigate here at Ground Zero Guam these many years. 

Pope Francis' marching orders appear to have been clear: he was to exonerate Apuron. We know this because the power brokers who ordered the Pope to do this were the same masterminds who wrote Apuron's appeal letter for him wherein he aggressively declares that he will be exonerated through his appeal. Apuron's handlers would not have written and stated this so publicly had they not had assurances that Apuron's exoneration and restoration to power was forthcoming. They had their guarantees (most likely from "the Red Pope").

At this point though, it was no longer about the NCW power bosses saving Apuron, it was about Apuron saving the NCW bosses' power. Because Apuron had been so celebrated throughout the NCW, Apuron's flaming fall from his exalted place, especially as the first bishop to be tried and found guilty by a Vatican tribunal in modern times, would so wound the NCW (i.e. undermine its wealth base - the "black trash bags") that it too would follow Apuron down in flames. 

Remember now that we are not talking about the NCW "on the ground" - the evangelism and the communities and what happens there, we are talking about the drivers of the Trojan horse, the power bosses who drive the horse under the guise of "the new evangelization" and have cancerously wormed their way into the veins of wealth and power in almost every corner of the Universal Church. 

This is a topic for another day, but even the sinister NCW bosses are puppets of a higher power, because at root, Kiko's theology is (in the words of Bishop Schneider) a "Jewish-Protestant heresy." And heresy has only one Author: the same who said "you will not die." 

Apuron was well on his way to being exonerated, and if not exonerated, at least he would be given cover to hide under the crafty term "certain accusations," so that the world, and specifically the NCW world, might think that the whole deal was about some mere mismanagement, and that Apuron (per his own story) was the victim of a nefarious real estate salesman (me) who allegedly was in league with a Chinese gambling interest. (SMH)

But then came the McCarrick thing. 

McCarrick, as archbishop of Washinton D.C., had bestrode the the U.S. Catholic world for many years, and in retirement, as we now know, had slithered and slimed his way in to the highest halls of power in Rome, and, specifically, with Pope Francis, had become a king maker, directing Francis (or so we are now learning) as to which of his buddies (think Cupich) would make archbishops and cardinals of powerful, rich American dioceses. 

McCarrick's history proved to be too sordid for Francis to ignore, and as the World glared in on him over the McCarrick thing, Francis' options to help the Neocats (via Filoni) save Apuron, quickly dissipated.

With the Apuron thing hanging over his head, Francis could not very well exonerate the first bishop to be convicted by a Vatican tribunal led by one of the world's most well known and trusted Cardinals (Burke), even if Apuron was a no name himself from a place most of the world knows little about. So Apuron was doomed.

But not yet.

Remember, this is not about the NCW saving Apuron, this is about Apuron saving the saving Apuron, even if the lies have to get bigger. Thus, Apuron's response to even the Pope finding him guilty on appeal. As we know, Apuron (actually, his handlers) continues to maintain his innocence, but (and I know exactly who this is aimed at) he continues to cast himself as the target of a calculated conspiracy. 

Yes, "the evidence is clear," but the case is "complicated." And now you know why. And soon, the day is coming when you will know "the rest of the story." 


  1. What's worse The Bishop molesting children Which is all lies Or Tim Molesting is own daughters?

    1. Let me know when you're ready to stop being anonymous.

  2. Why bring it up Tim you already destroyed the church All your family No one's listening

    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)April 16, 2019 at 2:31 AM

      Anon 3:39 --- Don't speak on for me. I'm one of the many who continues to listen to the truth and the facts. Obviously, as Tim noted, you are listening, too.

    2. Rose I guess you don't have any daughters

    3. Let me know when you're ready to stop being anonymous.

  3. Amen, Tim. I wish Pope Francis would consult with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and be strong enough to kick Filoni off the Curia, and clean up the corruption in the Vatican--quickly. He can start by putting Cardinals and Archbishops like Cardinal Raymond Burke in key positions in the Curia and in other areas of the Vatican and around the world. There are too many bishops, archbishops, and cardinals in the pockets of the NCW hierarchy, they seemed strangled and can't get rid of the NCW from their dioceses, when all it takes is for them to say, "You're Out!" They have the authority to do that. So why don't they do it? Were deals made with the NCW hierarchy to be made a bishop, archbishop or cardinal, if they are allowed to enter a diocese and have free rein to do whatever they need to do in the name of "Evangelizing", when it is more like, pilfering and eventually taking over the entire diocese? I believe had Apuron remained Archbishop of Agana, this Archdiocese would have been owned by the NCW probably within a few more years, and the NCW propaganda around the world would paint such a rosy picture of the success of the NCW in Guam, priests and bishops would flock to the NCW bosses to make those deals. Power and Greed slow everything down, until they decide that the saving of souls is more important than having their rings and their derrieres kissed. I pray that the bishops, archbishops, and cardinals who made deals with the NCW bosses so that they are nominated for a bishopric, or moved up to be an archbishop and/or cardinal, find strength and the courage to get rid of the NCW in their respective diocese, and get their priests to simply take over the evangelization of adult Catholics who have strayed from the Faith and Church. We do not need the NCW and their "communities". We have parishes. We just need priests to be more active in establishing programs to bring back Catholics who have left the Church for one reason or another. I believe any bishop who is slow in doing this has made a deal with the devil. But the power of the Holy Spirit can change that, if they just open their eyes and use the gifts given them when they were confirmed and ordained! Any deal with the NCW hierarchy in return for being made a bishop or a prince of the Church, is a deal with the devil. Pray and see the Light, Gentlemen, and save your Church! Get rid of the NCW.

    1. I appreciate your passion, however, I would ask you to consider the fact that God has often cleansed his people by giving them the evil leaders they deserved. Long before the NCW showed up, Catholics were contracepting the same as every other religion, and on Guam specifically, abortions were occurring at a staggering 600 plus per year while we continued to elect and re-elect the people who made sure the abortion industry remained unchallenged. On another level, I continue to be saddened by the sheer irreverence to Christ in the Eucharist most evidenced by the absolute ignoring of Jesus in the Tabernacle after Mass with the explosion of noise. Getting rid of the NCW will not change any of that. God is trying to purge our Church as he often did His Chosen People. But we aren't listening. We deserve the chastisement and much worse.

    2. I don't disagree with you. Let's pray for strong leadership in our local Church to start. As we were the first to get rid of a corrupt archbishop, let us be the first to get rid of the NCW in our archdiocese. I pray for Archbishop Byrnes to be that steadfast leader who will purge our Archdiocese and bring these critical issues to the forefront, so our Faithful will fall in line with him to be tough with these Catholic government leaders to see the wrong in their actions. Call them up to the Chancery and lay God's law down.

    3. Concerned Catholic of Guam "LOL" You mean Crooked Crooks of Guam and the PEDOPHILE TIM

    4. Ah, almost as predictable as ever. Similar times, similar tactics, similar lies, innuendos and libels....
      You surely are the perfect example of how to judge a tree by the fruits it bears.

      Almost always the same time, and the same location.
      Always the same tactics: Deny, Deflect and Destroy.
      Always the same lies, innuendos and libels.

      Poor cowardly anonymous , you are anything but predictable in your hateful and lonely approach.
      What better example of the corruption, depraved attitude and pure unaltered hatred of a product of the NCW?
      You can't even invent such a low life approach....OOOOH! the fruits!!!!
      That is without even considering the terrible English syntax....
      It is written as poorly as if you were one of these Spanish teachers on supposed mission on Guam.....
      If anyone ever doubted of the existence of evil, they just need to read your posts

  4. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the great work.

  5. Yes, it does seem disrespectful when, after mass, the church can get as noisy as a school cafeteria. I'm sometimes guilty of contributing to that noise.

  6. "God has often cleansed his people by giving them the evil leaders they deserved." - I'd add to the cited censure: We, ordinary people ("believers") choose not so rare as we suppose - in a way, on the deeper, "mysterious" level - our leaders, also such ones as are spoken on in your considerations, Tim. Though, keep trying! It's very important, not only for your mollested insula or you personally. I recognize in your persistent endeavouring a specific and valuable contribution on a broader (universal) scale. God bless you and all brave people of faith that subject themselves voluntarily to the will of Father, the word of Son and the wisdom of Holy Spirit.

  7. Keep trying, Tim! Your endeavouring has a great significance, not only as concerns your specific (and, it seems,hopeful) situation on Guam.

  8. Catechisis from the pulpit, and from Catholic parents (if practicing orthodox Catholic) on the Real Presence is essential. Pope emeritus Benedict recently mentioned this recently in his letter regarding the homosexual crisis in seminaries and the churches.

    1. Why isn't there catechesis from the pulpit? Why aren't more Catholic parents "practicing" or "orthodox?" We can't blame that on the Neo's. That's been going on long since they got here. Not only that, but all of the horrific abuse cases we now know about occurred BEFORE the neo's got here. All of this happened with our "regular Catholics."

    2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)April 17, 2019 at 2:43 AM

      There is so much to say about this topic. I think, in part, Tim is driving the point that there is a level of personal responsibility that each individual Catholic, each parent, each family has/have to take in order to be better and more knowledgeable Catholics so that the faith is not practiced robotically or by rote, lacking in meaning and context. Catholicism is a culture, it’s a way of life. It’s not simply a formalized religion that you practice once a week. It’s akin to being Chamorro or Filipino or Korean, there’s a certain way you live and certain beliefs automatically absorbed and certain practices done because you are Catholic. Catholicism is inherent to those raised Catholics. When I person tells me, “I used to be Catholic.” I respond in my head “Too late! you still are!” because they don’t realize that who they are, how they view the world, how they respond to people and to community, whether in embracing or repelling the faith, is likely, in part because of their Catholic upbringing. With that said, you have to more deeply understand the many “why” and the “wherefore” about your culture in order to understand yourself and why you live the way you do and why you do what you do. Understanding is also to protect the culture(s) that formed you. It is in our lack of understanding the nitty-gritty (the “why” and “wherefore”) of our Catholic faith, that puts us in danger of losing it within us; and not guarding against or protecting it. It’s akin to the value placed by modern day Chamorros to preserve the language, to teach their children traditional dances, to keep alive the history of their people, etc. You do this, in part, so that the culture remains alive and protected from a “take over”, an integration, and/or a possible ultimate dominance by another culture. And you do this by understanding as much about it as you can so that you will be able to identify that which to defend and preserve but living it with meaning and understanding.

    3. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)April 17, 2019 at 5:14 AM

      To add, you have the choice to start with your own process of self-study. Not to de-emphasize the value of formal teaching as concerned Catholic suggests above, but there is no need to wait for word from the pulpit to know some of our Catechism. There are many sources available to you --- books; Catholic websites; talking with a clergy, teacher and others knowledgeable and asking, “why do we do this?” My parents were not much help, yet they are devout Catholics. They didn’t know also why we did such-and-such as Catholics. They just did them without understanding. And they raised us kids in that way. I guess you can say we were rote Catholics. If you are a parent, know your faith so that you can explain the “why” when you are raising Catholic children and which will be your contribution to a generation of more knowledgeable Catholics. When you dig deeper into the culture of your Catholic faith, if you’re like me, you’ll find it to be beautiful and rich in context and texture; the practices to be ancient, interesting and based on something that you no idea about until to dug deeper. There is so much background to learn --- 2000+ years’ worth of culture, church history and church teachings that developed over those many years. Also, take a Catholic bible study class. It took me three years of evening classes in my parish here, which included homework that entailed digging up info on the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) and bible verses to explain our practices and beliefs (incensing, for example; and why the final blessing at end of the mass is crucial, therefore, don’t beeline from the communion line straight to your car --- stay for the final blessing!) many of which are tied to the bible and the Jewish traditions as written in the bible. If you’re like me, after studying the bible, I bet the Books of Revelation, John and Psalms (the toughest books for me to understand, too many symbolisms and metaphors that didn’t make sense to me before) will afterwards make sense to you.

    4. Well said, Rose. I intend to pursue this more in future posts. God bless you.

  9. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)April 16, 2019 at 3:35 AM

    Tim, when I first heard Pope Francis at that airplane press conference last August as he addressed the Apuron case, thanks to JungleWatch, I had somewhat of an inkling on what he meant when he said the case “… was not difficult because the evidence is clear.” With the testimonies provided by Walter, Roland, Roy, Doris and other witnesses with, I assume, documentary evidence not known to us, how can the evidence not be clear? Then when the Pope characterized the Apuron case also as “complicated” I had an inkling it was due to the politics of the Vatican and the power brokers there that hold up the NCW (Filoni-Baloney being one of them) and how they are likely negotiating some kind of deal for saving Apuron, not so much because they care about Apuron, but to help the NCW continue its existence in the Catholic Church. Then, thanks to this piece that you wrote, it didn’t even dawn on me that an unexpected event --- McCarrick’s fall from grace, the highest-ranking church official to date to be expelled from the priesthood for sex abuse --- and most especially THE TIMING of it played a role in tying the hand of the Pope in not going easy on Apuron. As the timeline went: February 2017 Apuron’s investigation and canonical trial began. March 2018 a Vatican tribunal announced Apuron guilty of some of the accusations made against him, including the sexual abuse of minors. Apuron immediately files an appeal. February 2019 the appellate tribunal upheld the original findings of “ … the archbishop guilty of delicts against the sixth commandment with minors.” That appellate decision was announced in April 2019. McCarrick was removed from the priesthood in February 2019, the same month the original decision in the Apuron canonical trial was upheld by the appellate tribunal. About the McCarrick laicization last February, a Vatican spokesman said: "A different treatment for bishops who have committed or covered up abuse in fact represents a form of clericalism that is no longer acceptable." With that statement about McCarrick, of course, the same punishment had to be applied to Apuron. Except, unlike McCarrick, Apuron still gets to keep his status as a “priest” (I put that on quotes since that status rings hollow now in light of his trial). I can’t help but think that the outing of the accusations against McCarrick and his subsequent removal from the priesthood and the TIMING of all of that is the Lord’s hand a play. The timeliness of McCarrick’s downfall is something most of us mortals wouldn’t have seen as one affecting the Apuron sentence, except now, in hindsight. One of my pastors told me once that we don’t see the hand of God or His providence, except in hindsight. The point he was making to me is that cherish the present --- whether a situation is up or down --- because it’s not until in hindsight that you see how our Lord was with us all along.

    1. Very true, Rose. I remain convinced that NOT laicizing Apuron is an indication of just how dangerous Francis knows Apuron to be, as laicizing Apuron would in fact set him free to return to Guam. The penalties imposed on Apuron are only penalties in so far as they can be enforced. The Church can enforce nothing if Apuron is laicized. And while Apuron may remain useful to the Kiko's, no one else will want him.


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