Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Fr. Gerald Murray: "This man has been found guilty of multiple convictions of the sexual abuse of minors..."

Note: I still disagree that laicization would be the ultimate punishment for Apuron. If Apuron was laicized, he could not be kept from returning to Guam, nor could any further discipline be imposed, such as sentencing him to a remote monastery to live out his days in prayer and penance (which is what Pope Benedict 16 did to Fr. Marcel Maciel). 

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  1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)April 11, 2019 at 1:45 AM

    I agree with you, Tim. It's best if there is an entity that has the power to rein him in and track his activities, mostly for the protection of others especially children. In this context, even though he still a priest, because of the many and powerful evidence and subsequent findings in his child sexual abuse canonical trial, his status as "priest" rings hallow. Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin, having Apuron continue with "priest" as his status damages and smears the reputation of those who have chosen, legitimately serve and live their lives as priests. They get lumped in with the likes of Apuron and it makes it difficult for them to do their job! This is likely another reason as to why vocations to the priesthood are down. Potential seminarians don't want to choose to enter into a life/vocation/profession that has an association, even in the most mild form, with childhood sexual abuse. Kudos to the seminarians who enter the priesthood under this current cloud and kudos to the priests who continue to serve. Folks like Apuron make it difficult for them to do their job! Okay, I know priesthood is not just a "job" but that's the most exacting way to phrase what I mean.