Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Holy Father Confirms New Archbishop for Guam

Archbishop Michael Byrnes Issues Letter to Faithful


With the publication April 4, 2019, of the confirmation of the unappealable judgment of the Court of First Appeal against Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes will succeed him as archbishop of the metropolitan see of Agaña, Guam. The Vatican announced the appointment on April 6, 2019.

Archbishop Byrnes released the following letter in light of the Vatican decisions: CONTINUED


  1. I’m praying for Archbishop Byrnes. He has the most difficult assignment, I believe. May God bless his ministry to the people of Guam and elsewhere in his archdiocese.

  2. who gives a shit.LOL

    1. The true Catholics do....of course you would not have a clue of what that might look like.

    2. for all the claims, all parishes will be sold. Starting with the Friary Frenchie. You won't have any place to worship. Self inflection results to your own doing. Enjoy the money, see how hell feels like Frenchie Is that a girl's name?LOL

  3. Lol, courageous anon is at it again, with his old canard.
    The parishes have very little risk of ever being sold, but your business is to try to scare people. We get it...Pathetic, but we get it.
    As for the Friary, it is not a parish in itself. There is a Chapel, where the Capuchins allow Masses to be celebrated. Granted, they need the endorsement of the Archbishop, but you are comparing apples and oranges.
    Several Capuchins have been accused in the last few months and the Capuchin order, has their own legal team to deal with it. Of course their most egregious abuser was Apuron, specially when he was in Agat.

    As I am not a Capuchin or a brother or a priest, I fell to see how this search for justice has anything to do with me, except in my constant search for help, for the victims of abusers.
    My parish is vibrant, and filled to the rafters, people are loving and supportive of each other, so I do not fear, not having a parish. Even if the building was to disappear, the church is strong here.
    As for you mental diarrhea mumbling about money it sounds like an 10th grade mumbo jumbo. Arrested development I guess.
    I forgive your ignorance, your nastiness and your constant destructive path.
    The Sacrament of reconciliation was made specially for lost souls like yours, use it....