Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Posted by Frenchie

I have been contacted by several of our readers, with questions regarding the Yona property.
Questions ranged from some of the usual venom on the "other blog", to why has the Yona property not been sold yet?

Here is what we can comment on so far.

While some have been dismayed by the personal attacks against Tim and Mother Dawn, regarding the old NCW canard about its acquisition.
You should not be surprised by this. It is almost a logical step for Diana and her puppet masters.

Why am I saying this?

It is simple: the repeated blows to the NCW here on Guam, from the running away of Apuron and his subsequent guilty verdict, Pius declared persona non grata, the closing of the RMS in Yona, the limitations imposed (even if not observed) by Archbishop Byrnes on the NCW, the eloping of their dirty tricks agent Adrian Cristobal, have severely dented the image of holier than thou that the Neos like to project. In fact the damage to said image in Europe and in the USA has been quite important.

This is why they need to shine their own armor and polish their narrative.
One of the way to do it, is the continued slandering and attempts at destruction of the people that outed them for who they really are.
The other one is to distract from other events
Finally they have to lay the ground work for what seems to be a possible payback.

This where the other questions about the Yona property come into play.
You have all observed that the bankruptcy administrator has rejected several offers for the purchase of the Yona property.
As of late, a mysterious new investor from outside the Marianas has made a bid too.
The bankruptcy court is considering an auction.

Part of the reasons, was that some of the creditors were objecting to the price being too low.
Among the leading creditors pushing this narrative: the Bank of Guam.
Remember who ran the bank of Guam?
Remember who used Neo cadre to run a governor's campaign, and gave them access to Adelup?
Connect the dots, it is not rocket science.

Now one complicating issue is the fact that the Archbishop when he first arrived, and tried to wrestle the Yona property away from the clutches of  Genarrini, filed a suit, but rather than listen to local real estate attorneys took the advise of one of his Michigan friend, and failed to serve the people's named on the title. A little bird has told us that someone in NJ is complicating the issue of the sale of the 
Yona property. Connected the dots yet?

So Diana being a good little soldier for her puppet masters, is doing her work of the termites inside the wood.

It is looking as if someone is holding a grudge, and is not gonna make it easy to settle the lawsuits and the bankruptcy.
If that someone turns out to purchase the Yona property, and give it to an entity tied to the Evangelization of Asia and the Pacific, that would be a whopper wouldn't it. 
(please read the article on Filoni's moves in Macau, and Japan)
Ummmh!!! wondering who that could be?

If Diana does not mind her name being used as a front, never forget who feeds her the material....?
Connecting the dots yet?

Nothing happens in a vaccum. The devil never rest.


  1. Just sad that the neos are little devils. Mischievous in all their ways. Feeding off their lies rather then accepting the facts or following common sense.

    1. You are right, but that is normal for the leaders of the sect. This is why there are secret steps between stages of initiation.
      This is why confessions are public. ( a little bit like during the chinese cultural revolution)
      This is why there are the celebration outside of the parishes.
      And on, and on , and on.....