Tuesday, August 6, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)

Most people here on Guam, are gonna ask who the heck is Msgr Anthony Figueiredo?

Outside of the careful Catholic Circle, who are following the ins and outs, and ups and downs of our Church, few people  have heard of Msgr Anthony.

He is mostly known for being the former Secretary to the now defrocked Cardinal Mc Carrick,  formerly the darling of the social justice wing of the American Catholic Church.

On May 28th of this year, he famously confirmed the fact that the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church, high ranking members of the Curia, and Pope Francis himself had known about the sexual escapades  of  Cardinal Mc Carrick, and the subsequent coverup that ensued.

He was soon heralded in conservative circles in the USA and abroad for vindicating Bishop Vigano...But he also was lauded in anti-Catholic media as a whistle blower.
He had , thanks to a series of Emails between himself and the Cardinal ,that he released partially  on his own website confirmed some of Vigano's accusations. This was a huge media coup.

When some, pointed to the fact that he had waited many years before releasing these documents, he swiftly dismissed them, by telling that he had not covered up anything, since he had released the documents, albeit at a late stage.

From the start, something did not seem right to me. 
Perhaps this is due to my years in military intelligence (an oxymoron according to some), or perhaps it is because I always had a critical mind. None the less I decided to dig a little deeper, after I saw that sites like Crux, Lifesite, or the Remnant, did not seem interested in finding the reasons for these late revelations.
Yet, as I strongly believe  that nothing happens in a vacuum, I chose not to rush to any conclusion, until I looked a little more into the correlation of these events, with some of the things we learned from the  Apuron administration, and his involvement with the NCW.

  1. Who is Msgr Figueiredo? He is a 54 yo priest who is British by birth.  He is incardinated in the Archdiocese of Newark NJ, and became a priest in 1994. After this we know only, that thanks to Mc Carrick, Fr Figueiredo was sent to the Vatican, where he has held several strategic positions, (he was a personal assistant of both John Paul II and Benedict the XVI), while remaining incardinated in Newark
  2. Where did he study to become a priest? Fr Figueiredo was part of the first batch of seminarians from the Redemptoris Mater of Newark in 1994. It appears, that he also took advantage of the theology curriculum at the Seton Hall University.
  3. What is his background before entering the seminary? Anthony Figueiredo was the last of  4 children of a Catholic family hailing from Goa in India, and born in then British Kenya. He was born with a condition known as Phocomelia (short, missing or flipper like limbs) and does not  have the full use of one arm. 
Obviously, this presbyter was groomed to be an insider, first in Newark, then in Rome, which he was.

This gives us a totally new light on why certain documents would surreptitiously appear on the Pope's desk for signature, in the middle of a pile of documents.
Some of you might remember the Olympian tantrum of Pope Benedict when the Kikos tried to have their documents endorsed by the Pope, without his knowledge. It was only discovered, because Benedict who had been a scholar his whole life, was careful in reading everything he signed .
This also explains why Cdl Tauran would take extreme precautions, with anything touching the NCW in any way.As he said often, they have spies everywhere.

Msgr Figueiredo has been the CBS correspondent at the Vatican, and has excellent relations with both Catholic and Main stream media.

It is clear that the NCW used of its influence to have Fr Anthony assigned as personal Secretary to Mc Carrick. We have demonstrated several time that the NCW uses the failings of their patrons to advance their own people in places they would otherwise be unable to reach.
We have seen it here on Guam, but also all around the world. The NCW is very good at using influence peddling. 

Their investment paid off quite fast, with Mc Carrick recommending his secretary for a post in the Curia. Genarrini had his own private set of eyes and hears in the first circles of the Popes, and someone that had been very close to Mc Carrick to discover more secrets.
One thing for sure, Genarrini makes his training in the Red Brigades, fructify a thousand fold, thanks to his uncanny ability at manipulating and planning several steps ahead.
The man is very good at what he does. He is a true man of the shadows.

The question remains, why then ask one of their assets to expose himself to suddenly make revelations, that seem to justify Bishop Vigano's assertions, and perhaps embarass Pope Francis?
This, we shall cover in our next chapter, because it actually impacts us indirectly.


  1. Can't wait for your Chap2! Hope it will connect the dots between Figueierdo, McCarrick, Francis, Fiiloni, Genarrini, and Apuron. I've always held that until the very core of the NCW is removed from the archdiocese, its roots will spring up to haunt us in the future.

  2. Thank you for this background, Frenchie. I look forward to the next installment. One thing about the NCW operation, as you pointed out. It finds information about people in power over which they can be compromised (ie McCarrick and Apuron and sexual abuse of minors), then use that as leverage to advance their agenda and their people. Since Filoni is such an advocate of the NCW at the Vatican and curia levels, I'm almost certain the NCW has compromising information about Filoni).

    1. Hello Rose, good to hear from you. Hoping all is well on the west coast. You are right about the manipulation of failed individuals by the NCW to achieve their goals. It is not a new thing, Machiaveli wrote about it centuries ago, and the Roman, Byzantine and Chinese emperors were very adept of the custom. One of the obvious one on Guam is of course Adrian Cristobal.....for all the good it did for him...oh well! As far as Filoni is concerned, it is a much more complex issue. If Filoni has skeletons in his closet, (he probably does)he is an extremely bright, conniving and very very careful actor. He has developed his own network of spies, informants and people who owe him favors, within the Vatican, which makes him very dangerous to anyone and everyone. He also has been careful to compartmentalize and isolate each of his networks (on the organizational plan of communist cells). This gives him a power, of knowledge not shared. His relations with the NCW is more one of common interest. Their goals are different. The NCW thinks they are using him to their benefit, and he does not contradict them. The smart money in Rome, is that Filoni, will eventually use the NCW for his own benefit, rather than the other way around. His ace in the sleeve, being that he knows a lot more about each and every member of the international cadre of the NCW, and he still has a lot of personal contacts within the congregation in charge of foreign affairs (run by his old friend and now direct competitor Pirolin)to keep track of all of the NCW ventures. This is why he is very active in trying to save their very dented image, in order to keep the NCW as a sharp tool for his own benefit. A lot of the false narrative dispersed by the NCW media, and their connections, the fairy tales pushed to their rank and file, the careful positioning of their reorganized machine in the US in particular, and of course the latest "revelations" by Msgr Figueiredo, are part of a larger picture, to save the image of the NCW as a whole, after the black eye they suffered here on Guam. They are not hiding as some would think, they are reorganizing for a come back. Here on island, the co-opting of the latest election was a stroke of genius on their part, which included the destruction of several individuals who were standing in the way. (sorry for the pun). This will allow them some breathing room, in case there is a conflict with Archbishop Byrnes, once the sexual abuse lawsuits and chapter 11 are settled. They continue to thumb their noses at his authority, and ultimately their are looking for a fight, they think they can win.

    2. I don’t doubt that Filoni has skeletons in his closet. When one hobnobs with the NCW its almost a requirement that one has skeletons in his/her closet (a la “birds of a feather, flock together.”).

      What is this benefit that Filoni seeks? Is this benefit of one big prize such as the papacy? Or, is it on-going and transactional on a case-by-case, as-need basis, such as power over lay people and clergy so that he can get them to do things to and for him for the rest of his life. All of the above? It irks me most that this is a man of the cloth. His behavior then, coupled with his title as cardinal, equals to a man of the cloth oozing with hypocrisy. He is everything Jesus taught us NOT to be. And so are the folks who advance the questionable NCW agenda. Why don’t they just start their own religion rather than parasitically operate within the Catholic Church? Because the “faith” they are peddling is not solid and can’t stand on its own!

  3. Power crazed types like the New Jersey boss and the East End of London couple have promised a little guy like Figueiredo, hollowly, that he can become power crazed like them. They are putting him on a pedestal because they have wanted him to fall since he first joined the movement. (Whistle blowing - both apparent and real - is still a "bad" thing in most people's eyes.)

    His best option is to now drop out of the “Wacky Races”. I for one have been incomparably better since I did.