Monday, October 28, 2019


From a culture of silence to cover-ups: How Guam ended up with 280 clergy sex abuse claims

A 9-year-old boy confided in his grandmother on several occasions that the parish priest was sexually abusing him.

The grandmother spanked the boy, identified in court documents only by C.B.D. to protect his privacy. She lectured him that the priest was "God's representative and not capable of such actions."



  1. From a culture of silence, no one speaks of negligence that occurs on Guam Hospitals, as little to almost no one knows that there's no justice for the children or family members who's lives are lost due to negligence. Doctors and Hospitals are protected from going to court. It's the same culture of silence that continues to wreak havoc on this island.

  2. Mr Rohr said: "Catholics should re-examine their faith and dig deeper into the true Catholic teachings, or other elements will try to take over the church."

    Mr Rohr, you are right, one of these "other elements" is the Neocatechumenal Way.

  3. MR Rohr....... what about your family ? re-examine your nasty teachings How's the daughters and the Boy' it's been awhile come out COWARD

  4. The picture of guilt,馃憖 Can't even look straight, Judgment day will be yours For accusing a Innocent Bishop

  5. COWARD 馃懞馃