Saturday, November 2, 2019


As part of their quest to exonerate their man, Apuron supporters were hoping that David Sablan, president of the Concerned Catholics of Guam ("CCOG") - which played a main role in exposing Apuron and having him removed as Guam's archbishop, would be found guilty in the GHURA case. Unlike Apuron, Sablan didn't run. Sablan didn't hide. He stayed and fought for the truth. That's what you do when you have nothing to hide

Stand tall, Dave. 

Former GHURA commissioners not guilty

The verdict is in and former Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority Commissioners David Sablan, Cecile Suda and Roland Selvidge have been found not guilty. CONTINUED


  1. God bless Dave for his faithfulness and tenacity in pursuing what he believes is right.

  2. Diana and all the rest of these neocats are probably going to avoid this subject cause they were just looking and hoping that David sablan would be found guilty. The truth came out for sure. It’s sad though that these innocent ppl have to pay for their defense after being found “not guilty”.

    1. You are correct, this is part of a coordinated attack on anybody that has been active in the demise of our former and highly flawed Archbishop, and some of his side guns.(Cristobal)
      From the get go the Putrid Pius, Genarrini and their agents, made sure to sully and besmirch anyone tied to the case. In doing so, they hoped to give some elbow room for Apuron's civil trials that are still pending. The case against Sablan, and the very public accusations against Tim, are part of this plan. Several agents of the current administration, are very active players in that skim. This is why the Neos were highly motivated recruits of the Guttierez and Leon Guerrero camps. The battle is very far from over.

  3. I congratulate Dave for persevering in his ordeal by standing firm that he did nothing wrong. In the end, he and his fellow GHURA Commissioners were found not guilty and vindicated. The verdict was quick and decisive, so much so that the prosecuting AG did not provide any comment when asked.