Sunday, May 3, 2020


Amidst the discussion of permitting Mass again, some bishops are prohibiting the reception of the Sacred Host on the tongue. Catholics need to know their rights as Catholics in order not to be bullied out of those rights by their pastors in the same way Catholics were bullied out of their rights by the secular caesars. 

"I am a parish priest in a Midwestern diocese. Our bishop is allowing us to celebrate the Mass publicly again soon. One of the stipulations is that communion can only be given in the hand. Do you have any words of comfort or wisdom for members of my congregation who only receive on the tongue?"

Words of comfort for those whose bishop demand Communion only on the hand?
by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Since I have not seen the wording, the text, of what the bishop sent out, I can’t say much.  Past experience suggests that these documents really express the preference of the bishop (or rather the one who wrote it for the bishop) but expressed in such a highfalutin way that people who read it thing that it is a legitimate law, even when it contradicts the Church’s universal laws. (CONTINUED)

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