Thursday, December 17, 2020


Program Notes for December 17

Yesterday I showed that the CCU shows that it can be arbitrary and capricious in advance when dealing with the Sunshine Law. We have our own David v. Goliath as Lubovsky takes on the medical establishment. Today the sunshines brighter on the CCU as Troy points out the stupidity of the legislature. The People v. Dave Highsmith provides the opportunity to reflect on trial by combat and Dick the Butcher. Our local SJW’s, the White Coats for BLM folks, are educated (again.) Lefties used to be champions of free speech—now they oppose it.  English is a microaggression for the Left.

The Card

  • Troy v. The Legislature
  • David Lubofsky v. Doctors or David v. Goliath
  • People v. Dave Highsmith
  • Underwood’s Double Whammy v. Christmas
  • The Virus v. GovGuam Employees
  • BLM v. Whitecoats
  • The Left v. Free Speech
  • Cornell v. English

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