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After suffering directly and indirectly from the catastrophic 30 years administration of  the corrupt and deviant Anthony Apuron, we have had great hopes during the past five years, that something would change for the better. After a promising start, we are awakening with the feeling of a very bad hangover.

While we are discovering with horror a succession of gross errors, and a total lack of reactions from the Chancery, to what is nothing less than gross deviations by some of our priests, and the continued open rebellion to the authority of the Archbishop  by the NCW; it has become apparent that Archbishop Byrnes, for reasons not quite fully clear at this time, is not really in control of a situation deteriorating fast. We are at the eve a powerful storm, and the Captain of our ship is not here.

We have seen in a previous article, that both the Archbishop and the Chancellor are off island, and that the Vicar General gave his resignation. Ergo, there is nobody in charge at the Chancery, beside the same usual suspects who are left over from the Apuron Administration.

This is the reason why the latest incident regarding the Pastor of one of the largest and wealthiest parish, is so disheartening.

Pale Mike Crisostomo.

Pale Mike is the Pastor of the St Anthony and St Victor Parish in Tamuning.

He is also Vicar for the Clergy.

Beside these two very important positions, he also sits on the following: 

College of Consultors

Presbyteral Council

Liturgical committee

Plus he is also the Executive Director for the Ministry to the Homeless

Basically it is hard not to bump into Pale Mike, if you hang around the Chancery, or participate in the many activities of the Church.

This hyperactivity does not seem to stop Pale Mike, for being involved in the running of the School at St Anthony, despite his obvious conflict of interests with his brother as the School Principal, and the privileged relationship he has with the School board president.

Another involvement of Pale Mike, is his strong ties with the GLBTQ "community".

Mike is a good friend and strong supporter of Lt Governor Josh Tenorio, highly lauded in his "quality" of the first openly gay Lt Governor in the United States. Granted, there is nothing wrong being friend with the Lt Governor. Yet a priest like Pale Mike, with such a public and moral standing, should according to Catholic teachings, use his influence to try to save the soul of his friend and the cohorts of SJWs that hang around his coat tails, rather than abetting a lifestyle contrary to Church teachings. Many of our brothers and sisters with strong attractions for people of the same sex, do try to live a life of self effacement and prayers, in communion with the Church. It is a constant struggle for countless good Catholics whose cross it is to carry. Guam being a small island, we all know of friends or familly members who face that daily, and very personal struggle. Jesus taught us to love the sinner, while hating the sin. As far as priests with the same proclivities, just like their "straight" colleagues, they have taken a vow of celibacy. We have seen with Apuron, Cristobal, and many other priests that some of these priests put little value onto their vow. Just as we have seen other priests engaged in scandalous relations with some women, some of them siring children left to suffer in silence. None of these failures should be accepted and/or condoned. On paper at least, the Archdiocese condemn such behaviors. This is why it is so shocking and disheartening when you find out that a priest, in this case Pale Mike Crisostomo engaged in a serious violation of these principles.


So? What are we talking about?See Here ( Homily around 40')

 Pale Mike took it upon himself to celebrate a mass for the LGBTQ "community". Basically, a step forward in introducing  the CRT hateful divisions into the only true Catholic and Apostolic Church. In his homily he basically used the Judeo-Protestant canard of WWJD (what would Jesus do) to justify blaming the Church for its teaching, and endorsing the "victim" status of the  LGBTQ minority, going as far as to label  one of the local activist  (aka Glenn) as a modern St Peter!! He also allowed as lector a person who obviously is not in good standing with the Church.

Reaching to the LGBTQ community in a pastoral way might be useful, (even though I believe a person to person approach is more efficient than a group characterization) it is after all the role of the Shepperd to bring his sheep  back into the fold. Some have done so in the past. Unfortunately the exhortation to find the right passage back to the Church cannot be confused with the wanton endorsement of sin, the apology of the sinner, and the endorsement of a lifestyle contrary to Jesus teachings.

 Pale Mike is gravely erring when he attempts to mimic the infamous (and well connected) Fr. Martin SJ, who has all the cunning of a Jesuit upbringing, (which  Fr Mike is so painfully lacking). His poorly worded homily, his confusion about what would Jesus do, rather than what would Jesus teach, instead of helping the community he tries to reach out to, ends up shocking the common faithful who are for the most part offended and confused, as well as comforting his intended target in their errors. This type of gross deviation of the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming from someone who likes to picture himself as the next Bishop is extremely disheartening to the Guam Catholic community, it brings divisions,  and tensions where none were needed, at a critical time in the history of this Archdiocese.

As the Apostle John reminded us:"Every spirit that divided Jesus, is not of God; and this is the antichrist, of whom you have heard that he comes; and is now already in the world." (I John4:3)

The Catholic faithful of the Agana Archdiocese did not need this, at a time of difficult reorganization during the bankruptcy proceedings, and when we are facing continued and renewed challenges from that Sect called the NCW. The question now is: What will Archbishop Byrnes do to correct his priest? 


Archbishop Byrnes! We need your undivided attention!

Please take the right step to teach your priests, unburden Fr Mike of the obvious load he cannot carry, and help him find the right path. There is no way such a failed theologian could be of any help to you and the archdiocese in any other capacity, but a Parish priest. (even this remains to be proven)

Fr Mike! if you have any sense of decency, you should resign from the many hats you are wearing!

You have just proven to all of us, that you are not capable.

Your obvious conflict of interests, and some of the personal decisions you have taken are disqualifying you in the eyes of many Catholics on Guam. Being a Pastor, a Shepperd, takes a lot more than what you can offer at this time. Beware not to become a new Adrian Cristobal. I would personally hate to see you fall to that level.

Meanwhile I shall request that we all pray for Pale Mike and our brothers and sisters of the LGTB tendencies.


  1. You spoke well, Frenchie:

    "Many of our brothers and sisters with strong attractions for people of the same sex, do try to live a life of self effacement and prayers, in communion with the Church. It is a constant struggle for countless good Catholics whose cross it is to carry. Guam being a small island, we all know of friends or familly members who face that daily, and very personal struggle. Jesus taught us to love the sinner, while hating the sin."

  2. Hello anon at 7.48, It was important to point out, that despite what Pale Mike was preaching, and despite him appointing an unrepentant sinner as lector, there has always been good Catholics who are not afraid to bear their own cross, rather than demanding special exemptions as some choose to do. Again it is not what Jesus would do, but rather what would Jesus teach. The fact that the Vicar for Clergy does not have that understanding, worse does not feel obligated to save the souls of sinners tells us all what we need to know, about that priest. It is not a pleasant sight, or a pleasant situation. Unfortunately another consequence of 30 years of rule by a corrupt Bishop.

  3. I said when Byrnes first arrived on Guam that he was as weak as water and got slammed for it. His useless type is a dime a dozen in the mainland US. They accomplish nothing.

    1. That explains why they sent him here. He lets others take the wheel regardless of their inability. Rare indeed is his type in the mainland US. Hell, he hates it here. Look at who he keeps company with.

    2. Dear Anon at 9.29, many people, including but not limited to the founder of this site were dubious about the personality of our new Bishop, because of who recommended him for the position. Yet many island Catholics were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, because the change with Apuron was so stark. He drove himself around in an average car, while his predecessor was being chaufeured around with driver and bodyguards. He refuse to take envelopes when Apuron demanded them. He was approachable while Apuron was hiding in his bunker.
      Yet, after a while we noticed than he refused to enforce his own rules with the neos, and while he closed the fake seminary, he allowed the neos to open a "center" that they refer to as "our church".
      Archbishop Byrnes, quickly got detached from his duties, and took refuge behind the bankruptcy proceeding to advance the regional vicariate, which considering the size of our small island is totally unnecessary. This last step is not without reminding us of the very controversial "family of parishes" implemented in Detroit. Most of all he disappeared right in the middle of the pandemic, letting his appointee run the show, and making a big mess out of almost everything. Many are now calling for transparency regarding his mental capacity. While your analysis might have been found harsh by some, it appears that you were pretty close to the truth

  4. This article and these comments are disgusting!

    1. This is the type of reactions we got when we first started exposing Apuron and his minions. There are always willing useful idiots, ready to be the devil's advocate. That to me is disgusting

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