Thursday, September 2, 2021


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Back in June we revealed the attempt by some actors at the Chancery, to rid themselves of the much appreciated and respected principal of Fr. Duenas Memorial School, Mr. Perez aka Temo.

After the story ran, and was subsequently picked up by Kandit News, and several radio talk shows, the shadow people at the Chancery did a 360 degrees, as they were left out to dry when the proposed replacement, who had not even been made aware of the messy situation, declined the position.

The parents of schoolchildren and the powerful allumni association, were quick and efficient in letting their strong displeasure known to the Chancery, which led the shadowy operators like Fr Mike,  Fr Richards and Josie Villanueva, to demonstrate their great talent at CYA.

This left Mr Flores the Super Intendant of Catholic Schools being thrown under the Bus for a second time in less than a year. Think what you want about Mr Flores, but having carried the water one too many times for the back stabbers he reported too, the writing was already on the wall.

Mr Flores has now taken his talents somewhere else. 

The consequence being that the Catholic School system on Guam does not have a Superintendent dedicated to oversee the schools. Rather the job is open, and its duties are temporary filled by Sr. Angela Perez RSM who was already quite burdened as the Pres. of  the Academy Our Lady of Guam School.


While we are still facing reorganization under Chapter 11, under the diktats (do what I say, not what I do) of Fr Richards (back on the mainland again)  and Josie Villanueva. There is a definite vacuum of power. Luckily  Father Duenas Memorial School, was able to keep the able leadership of Mr Perez. 

Lets pray Temo does not end up the way of Mr Flores, after people have forgotten the two puppets  masters behind the curtains at the Chancery

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