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 GOOD BYE 2021, HELLO 2022

The usual celebrations about a coming new year, were for the most part, dull compared to what most of us are used to. As we are now entering a third year of hysterical reactions to what many now consider as an unrelenting campaign of fear, intimidation, half truths, and sometimes blatant lies; observers can only be dismayed by what has unfolded in the past two years.

Under the pretense of protection of the general population, most of the rights we held dear, have been pushed in a corner, dismissed, even completely ignored.

Chief among these rights, the first amendment of the United States Constitution, which reads as follow:

Freedom of Religion, speech and the press,

Rights of Assembly and Petition

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

One would hope that anyone with the reading comprehension of an eighth grader would be able to put their mind around this simple, but essential concept. 

Unfortunately,  we have seen legions of politicians, (elected or not) and a myriad of obscure, often anonymous "civil servants" trample with great enthusiasm these founding principles of our Nation.


What is more troubling for us Catholics is the tepid reactions of our religious leaders to these gross infringements to our religious rights. Worse, some of our most senior and learned leaders have embraced without any questioning the egregious abuses of our religious freedoms, going as far as to condone the inexcusable .

Under the leadership of the newest President of the United States, who like the speaker of the House claims to be a person of faith, and a respectable Catholic, we have seen a complete disregard for the values of life, a quasi endorsement of eugenic policies, and an incessant flow of lies, and misrepresentations.

Confronted by this, and the growing concert of questions coming from the Catholic faithful, the Catholic Conference of Bishops, refused the debate at first, then tried to ignore it, before conveniently kicking offside (to use a sport allegory)

This lack of courage, and integrity by our bishops, was even made worse by the violent, disgraceful and hypocritical  attacks on Catholic Tradition by the "modernist"wing  who embraced without debate the latest Vatican inanity, coming to us under the guise of a motus proprio titled :

"Traditionis Custodes"

A misnomer meaning "Guardians of Tradition"


A document that is so replete in major canonical errors, that one could attribute it to a bad essay by a seminary sophomore.

I shall not bore you today with the intricate details of this destructive document, but we will go back to it at a later date.

What can be noted is the disturbing resemblance of this document, to the many media pieces of the so called legacy media (another misnomer) which have bombarded us over the last three years with what Marxist operators call the reversed accusatory. (An efficient, often used tactic, which consist of accusing your target of the sins you are yourself guilty of)

I shall grant you that at least (for the time being) the US Catholic Church has not yet fallen to the dismal level of the once great Canadian Catholic Church. Nothing guarantees us that our leaders' lack of backbone will not lead us to a total capitulation where God is no longer at the center of our lives, at the center of the Church.

Already we see disturbing but telling signs of things to come, with Bishops acting like HR directors, or CPAs, even hiding behind a dreaded legal jargon, but occulting God from the life of their dioceses.


What is at the center of all these evils, is this omission of God at the core of everything we do.

The message Christ left us (through his apostles) is that God is truth and love.

Ergo, everything that is not of truth and of love is against God, against his people, against his Church.

Let this sink in for a while, and reflect on the web of deception that has surrounded us for the last two years, which threaten to continue to surround us for a long time, unless we declare Enough! and resolve ourselves to take the Challenge to put God back at the center of our lives.


We need to demand accountability from our Bishop, and the people he put in places of power.

We need to demand accountability from our politicians, for what they have done, and what they have failed to do.

We need to demand accountability from our priests, who except for a few courageous and often ostracized individuals have failed their flock

We need to demand accountability from the Media, who instead of their self professed tenets, have been the MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS, to the lies, half truths, and omissions enveloping us daily.

We need to demand accountability from ourselves for our weaknesses, and lack of courage.

Lets pray that God grants us these demands, so we can once more put him at the center of our lives.

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