Friday, January 7, 2022


 It was almost 2 years ago, just before the closing down of our beautiful island, that Guam hosted a unique personality, in the person of Bishop Schneider.


This was a joyous occasion,which was paired with the official reception by Archbishop Byrnes of his Pallium.


As the proverb tells us, a lot of water has traveled under the bridge since that nice weekend. Yet the essentials remain the same, and this crisis revealed to us the challenges God asks us to face.

Our decisions will have grave consequences, they are not easy to take. As the New Testament revealed to us, we shall be mocked and often persecuted for our faith, even inside our own Church. 

In fact throughout the world last year hundred of thousands of Catholics have suffered persecution, some even the martyr for their belief. It was true in Syria, Irak, Armenia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, North Korea, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia.

Bishop Schneider has a particular understanding of being persecuted for our faith, since he grew up in the German Catholic minority in the former USSR. Praying and receiving the sacraments thanks to courageous ministers who took great personal risks to tend to their flock, in an underground Church, just like the first Christians in the Roman Empire.

The contrast with our Church of Nice could not be wider.

Hence his perspective is unique, since he brings to us his own experience of how to deal with persecution.

Today I am sharing with you a video, of the interview of Bishop Schneider by Michael Matt of the Remnant.

It has been a privilege for me to meet both men on different occasions. What I have taken out of these meetings is a deeper knowledge of our religion, as well as an understanding that for us  living our lives as Catholics is not a proposition for the feeble, and the meek.Our faith shall be tested in ways we could not anticipate 2 years ago.

Watch Here

Enjoy the Video and reflect, on how his challenges apply to us in Guam right now.

As a footnote, Bishop Schneider has a strong German accent when he speaks English, therefore you might have to listen more carefully that you might otherwise

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